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Boakai Aide Threatens To Resign If… On $600k Squandering Claims

by newsmanager

By Elbie Sebleh

MONROVIA: President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Aide, now Officer in Charge (OIC) at the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Jake Kabakole, has denied allegations of “squandering” a whopping US$600,000.

He termed the allegations as baseless, malicious, unfounded without merit.

Mr. Kabakole who is President Joseph Boakai’s Special Aide was recently appointed as OIC of NOCAL.

Kabakoli, at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Monrovia on Monday, April 1,2024, assured the public that he is open to investigation at NOCAL.

He indicated if any probe proved that he mismanaged public funds, he will resign as OIC of NOCAL.

He stressed some individuals are trying to sabotage the good relationship between him and President Boakai for their own self-serving gains, using lies and falsehoods.

I have “DONE NOTHING WRONG” as evidenced exists that the media outlets responsible for spreading such misinformation about my image are simply tabloids.

“At no point in my oversight of the National Oil Company of Liberia , have I signed for any disbursement of such a sum to anybody. These claims are not only false but are a deliberate attempt at tarnishing my reputation built on integrity and dedication to national Progress,” he said.

He clarified that NOCAL, on his arrival as OIC, owed US$132, 750 to staffers for educational benefits.

He said the outgoing leadership of NOCAL unfortunately during its departure refused to pay severance to staffers, amounting to close to half a million dollars.

“We have paid 6.7 % of the US$ US$132, 750 to the employee’s educational benefits, which my predecessor did not see as a priority over a five-year period,” he indicated.

Kabakole explained that his official responsibilities commenced on January 29, 2024, by which time NOCAL previous projects were well advanced, and the outlined payments had been completed.

Meanwhile, he maintains that he remains unwavering in his Oversight of the very important national corporation, as his commitment to the betterment of NOCAL and, by extension, Liberia.

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