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Arthur Massaquoi Takes Charge Of Bureau of State Enterprises

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MONROVIA: A veteran Liberian journalist, now diplomat, Mr. Arthur S. Massaquoi, on Monday, April 9, 2024, took charge of the State-owned Bureau of State Enterprises (BSE), as its new Director General.

Speaking at the taking over ceremony, Director General Massaquoi, said his appointment comes with herculean responsibility to manage and exert oversight over state owned enterprises that contain several public corporations in an ardent effort to ensure improved performance and provide and formulate policy options for the government of Liberia.

He said over the years, the Bureau of State Enterprises (BSE) has been dormant because of the lack of political will, adding that, consequently, this dormancy has resulted to huge wastes and leakages in the states own enterprises, thereby affecting the national envelop.

“It is from this backdrop, that we have come to open a new chapter under the ARRESTs Agenda to curb the lapses and ensure that all State-owned enterprises are in full compliance with the laws given it, it will not be business as usual,” he said.

He pointed out that, his appointment to serve as Director General of the Bureau of State Enterprises (BSE) has stimulated several calls from international partners who have pledged to work closely with the BSE in ensuring full accountability ,transparency, and vibrancy in the sector.

These international commitments have further buttressed efforts by President Joseph N. Boakai who has also vowed to fully support the independent working of the BSE.

He said as part of their statutory obligations, the Bureau will consult and work closely with state owned enterprises to ensure improvement in performance, design criteria and procedure.

Director General Massaquoi also said it will also design and implement improved billing and collection system and work with state own enterprises in identifying problems relative to production and distribution of goods and services.

According to him, it will further suggest sources for technical guidance, develop options for the government of Liberia on policy affecting state owned enterprises and to provide strategic leadership.

“ My team and I will remain robust in making use of the current technological order and will endeavor to employ and automate system of management information for the state owned enterprises and would also lead them in acquiring a strategic sense of training orientation,” he said.

He promised that they will uphold the core functions of the management information system, administration policy and training , rehabilitation and divestiture.

Director General Massaquoi stressed that, the Bureau will recommend to the office of the liberian leader , candidates for appointment to the boards and other management bodies of all state own enterprises and will be represented on all boards of state enterprises consistent with controlling laws.

He indicated that he and his team anticipate harmonious working relationship with all heads of state owned enterprises for the betterment of the ARREST Agenda in particular the government a large .

He emphasized that the BSE will remain committed in executing its statutory functions without fear or favor and by that, the Bureau will fully exercise its cardinal functions over all state owned enterprises which include oversight, professional advice, regulation and consultancy.

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