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“Focusing On Weah Is Wrong” John Morlu Rallies for Change with Boakai”

by newsmanager

MONROVIA: In a passionate call for progress and innovation, former Auditor General of Liberia, John Morlu, Liberians and government officials to shift their focus towards President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

The former AG pointed out that with strong desire for change, and by directing their energy towards Boakai’s leadership, the Liberian Nation will the positive gain the transformation it seeks.

According to him, for Liberians to express their frustration with emphasis on the past, particularly on former President George M. Weah, who was peacefully voted out is wrong.

The AG believes that by holding President Boakai accountable and demanding change, Liberia can overcome its challenges and forge a new path towards prosperity.

While acknowledging the importance of past lessons, the professionals are determined to break free from the cycle of inaction and establish a new era of progress.

With his unwavering commitment to Liberia’s future, he is rallying together to encourage fellow Liberians to join the pursuit of a transformed Liberia by redirecting their focus towards Boakai, as he believes that Liberia can finally experience the positive change it deserves.

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