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More Women, Newborns Die … In Delivery Rooms As ‘Silent War’ Intensifies

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By: Linda Gbartie

MONROVIA: Latest revelation from Liberia’s health sector indicates that the rate of maternal (motherly), and neonatal (newborn) mortality (deaths) loom large.

Making the disclosure on Monday, April 8, 2024, in Monrovia, Liberia’s First Lady, Madam Kartumu Boakai, revealed that mothers are perishing at a staggering rate of 742 per 100,000 live births and newborns at 37 per 1,000.
Speaking at program marking the celebration of World Health Day, held at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, outside Monrovia, Madam Boakai said “the numbers are not mere but echoes of the anguish that alarmed through the communities with the loss of every mother, sister, and child.”

She stressed that “every number is having a name and every data is a heartbeat.”

Liberia joined the rest of the World on Monday, April 8, 2024, to celebrate World Health Day which was held under the Theme: “My Health, My Right.”

According to Madam Boakai, the struggle for healthcare equality is not a solitary or lonely battle waged in distant lands, but a global crusade that requires every ounce of Liberians’ collective strength, wisdom, and empathy.
“In the time it takes me to speak these words, a child’s future in Liberia is extinguished before it can even begin. Our nation has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of conflict and the Ebola and COVID-19 now faces a silent war in the delivery rooms and cradles of our mothers and infants,” she said.

The Liberian First Lady calls on Liberians to rally together so that no mother should lose her life while bringing another into this world.

Madam Boakai highlighted that as the First Lady, she accepts her role as the Chief Maternal Newborn Health Champion, as such, she implores every Liberian to join the crusade against the preventable tragedies that befall mothers and infants.

As Liberia marks the celebration of World Health Day, Madam Boakai reaffirms the Government of Liberia’s relentless commitment to this creed and to the country.

Additionally, the Liberian First Lady indicated that over 1.5 million young people between age 10-25 lives were lost in 2021 and their potential was boundless, and dreams were extinguished soon.

As such, she cautioned the gathering to pledge that those young lights will not fade in vain as they defy the odds that turn the tides and declare with one voice that no one more mother or child’s life will be lose on their watch.

She emphasized that the celebration theme: “My Health, My Right”, invites Liberians to rise to the challenge and take bold and decisive steps, utilizing the Sustainable Development Goals as they compass to safeguard the lives of women, children and adolescents and as united Liberia where every pregnancy is safe and every child flourish.

Madam Boakai mentioned that as a leader, her little thing that matters is to join the many voices to advocate for healthcare and champion polices and partnerships that reinforce the health system, amplify the voices of women and girls, and marshal the necessary resources to secure the shared vision.

“I am committed to the cause of empowering women and girls in this significant area and I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Women’s Coalition for Reproductive Health and Rights, known as the Liberia Women Coalition for ICPD30 to focus on various aspects including maternal health and ensuring access to modern family planning methods. As a champion, I am dedicated to promoting these crucial issues and driving positive change,” she noted.

At the same time, the Liberian First Lady called for “unyielding commitment to universal health coverage and the establishment of a National Health Insurance Scheme that will ensure that no one is left behind.”

She also admonished Liberians to engage the communities, mean and allies to dismantle the barriers that delay lifesaving care.

“This is because when a child in Liberia suffers, it is a whisper of conscience to the world, and when a mother is healed, they do not just save a life but uplift humanity,” she stressed.

“In unity, with strategic partnerships and the full dedication of the Liberian Government, our nation stands poised to fulfill its promise of health and well-being for all. I admonished you of our collective humanity, echoing the aspiration of a people bound by hope and driven by the determination to see every mother and child thrive. Today we choose life, health, brighter tomorrow for Liberia and for every corner of this interconnected world,” she asserted.

She continued: “I am grateful for your support, and asked for your commitment as we weave a new story of global health, one of hope, resilience, and the triumph of human courage”.

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