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As ‘Robin Hoods’ Infiltrate Govt.: Who Is In Charge: …Boakai Or Minister of State?

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MONROVIA: One of Liberia’s astute writers, analysts’ and engineers, Hun-Bu Tulay, has outlined what appear to be multiple and enormous governance challenges faced by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai since he ascended to the Liberian Presidency on 22, January, 2024.

In his latest Writeup, captioned: “Liberia-Robin Hoods of the 21st Century,” Mr. Tulay, a confidant of President Boakai, rhetorically asked: “Who are the Robin Hoods of the 21st century in Liberia?”

To provide clue as regards the answer to this key question, Tulay, in his Writeup, refreshed the minds of his many readers when he said:

“Robin Hood was a legendary heroic character who was featured in English Literature in Medieval England, during the 14th Century.

“Robin Hood and his men were known for TAKING from the RICH to SUSTAIN the POOR. He was an excellent archer and marksman, who inhabited the Sherwood Forest of Nottingham, England.

“What we want you to remember here is that Robin Hood and his men in the 14th Century took things from the RICH and gave them to the POOR to SUSTAIN THEM,” he added.

Conversely, however, the Liberian Writer narrated that “The Robin Hoods of the 21st Century in Liberia are doing the opposite.”

According to Mr. Tulay who is also former Managing Director of Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), “The Robin Hoods of the 21st Century are found all around us. They are found in Civil Society Organizations, the Fourth Estate, Religious Groups, Jurists, Government (parliament or legislature or executive or judiciary), financial institutions, schools (at all levels), and Executive of Multilateral Corporations.”

He indicated in the Writeup that “These groups work individually or collectively to STEAL from the POOR” in Liberia. They deny the POOR of their basic rights and benefits, he emphasized.

“They are responsible for all the suffering in the world today particularly in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. But their actions are more pronounced in African Countries because in Africa, we find men and women of GREED and Envy,” he pointed out.

Quoting a book, titled: “Small is Beautiful”, the author attributes these two human vices such as GREED AND ENVY as the root causes of insincerity, dishonesty, social injustice, corruption, and economic imbalance in the world.

According to the author, these two human vices, if systematically cultivated, the inevitable result is nothing less than the collapse of human intelligence. And when a society is being driven by these vices such a society loses the power of seeing things as they really are. In such a society, the people become incapable of solving the most elementary problems of its existence.

“These human vices drive a society to conflicts. They make a society to live upon ideas that conflict with the constitution and laws governing society and the universe. Greed and Envy are two seeds of society that prevent leaders from thinking rationally and make them to swerve from their CAMPAIGN PROMISES or AGENDA for their country,’ he added.

Tulay: “These seeds make the political leaders betray their people. These seeds are the cause of all the problems in many countries around the world. Just look at what happened in Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso. Multilateral Corporations and the government officials in these countries were working together ridding the masses of their benefits. Similar things are happening in our country today.”

Writer Tulay explained that “The Robin Hoods of the 21st Century are the illiterates of the 21st Century. The ILLITERATES of the 21st Century are not those who cannot read and write but those who refuse to learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

He declared that both the ROBIN HOODS and the ILLITERATES of the 21st Century are the most dangerous people in any society or country.

Writer Tulay also asked: “Does President Boakai have such a group of people in his cabinet?

Tulay: “Oh YES, he does. And until he gets rid of them, his government will continue to experience challenges. These two groups were in President Sirleaf and Weah Cabinets.”

According to Mr. Tulay, President Boakai’s WISE MEN and WOMEN who were with him before his inauguration have been sidelined as the Robin Hoods and the “illiterates” of the 21st Century have taken control.

Mr. Taluy, in his Writeup, pointed out that the Robins Hoods are in control of the new President. They are people of the old orders. They represent the interest of their master (multilateral corporations).
Touching on the actions of Liberia’s post-war Presidents before Boakai, the article indicated that “all post-war presidents before you have dined with multilateral corporations. This was evidenced by the following:

103 pickups were given to the government and the Executive distributed these pickups (trucks) to members of the Legislature, while the company’s agreement was before the Legislature for ratification. This was an inducement or bribery;

Government assigned national security personnel to protect the assets of multilateral corporations; Protecting multilateral corporations that polluted the drinking water of the community people;

Few persons working on behalf of government to waive US$14 million of social development money due for the people of three counties without their representation;
The issuance of Executive Order #124, which bans the export of unprocessed rubber, and the list goes on.

Commenting specifically on the Boakai Administration, Mr. Tulay indicated that it took the Boakai Administration over two months to lift the ban on Executive Order #124 by his immediate predecessor. The local rubber producers had already lost thousands of United States Dollars and that it might take many months for them to recover.

He explained that it was thought that a truly rescue team would have addressed this Executive Order immediately which was meant to “suppress, oppress and asphyxiate Liberians.”

In the Writeup, Mr. Tulay questioned the status of the report of the committee constituted to investigate the grievances of companions of men of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

The report, according to President Boakai, was due in two weeks but it is now over four weeks and Liberians are yet to know the status of the probe, among many other shortcomings of the Boakai Administration.

The roaming of Boakai’s Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and alleged missteps in his operations, among others are highlighted in the article.

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