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Boakai Declares War On Drugs Lords… Says They Are Enemies To Liberia

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By: Linda B. Gbartie

MONROVIA: The Government of Liberia, under the leadership of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has reaffirmed its commitment to fighting drugs and substances abuse in the country.

President Boakai has assured that notorious drugs dealers in the country that the government will fight them with every legal means available.

President Boakai also highlighted that drugs lords must be seen as enemies to the citizens and nation who deserve no place in the country.

The Liberian Leader made the pronouncement on Thursday, April 11, 2024, in Monrovia at the occasion marking the Joint Inter-sectorial At-Risk Youth Empowerment program graduation ceremony of over 120 youths.

Speaking at the occasion, President Boakai told the youthful population that they decision to be rehabilitated and integrated back into the society means a lot to them.

According to him, if the country can lose all of its resources including gold and diamonds but there will be nothing compared to the loss of the youth of this nation.

“To God be the glory for yet another day when we are set to recover success in our endeavors to repositioning our country and people especially our youth. We are here to meet and expand our partnership with people who are ready to help us lift this country into a new noble platform,” President Boakai said.

He used the occasion to remind Liberians to welcome people and to merit-base or merit the ability of their capacity but more importantly, motivation, willingness and the character they have to tell them to answer the calls of nation building, community development and family generation.

Additionally, President of Liberia indicated that
in pursuit of these noble goals, they find priority to highlight drugs and substances abuse as a key to mention for the rescue mission’s first 100 days.

President Boakai told the youth that under their 100 days deliverables, they have planned under objective four (4) where they set themselves to the task of making the issues of illicit drugs and substances abuse a national emergency, enhancing the existing programs and creating additional programs that will remove disadvantaged youths and drugs addict from the streets, rehabilitating, refurbishing and providing medical drugs to mental health hospitals and clinics and lastly ensuring that rehabilitated youths receive income, skills and are reintegrated into the society.

Furthermore, President Boakai thanked the youth (graduates) for their conscious decision to answer the path they are on in search of change in life for good.

“I see you all as heroes and we salute your courage and celebrate the boldness of your trust. You have not only choses to escape from drugs addiction but took advantage of the opportunity to reclaim your future. Because I valued your resolved decision and see it necessary to partner with you in accepting this opportunity that will make your life meaningful and fulfilling; I see presidents, ministers, representatives in you; you are the great women and men in Liberia in waiting. You made the right choice and have given us the platform to help you to get better because it is the right choice to reclaim the future, seek for better livelihood and professional skills. It is the right choice to prepare for and seek a job, start profitable business; it is a good thing to start a family and create a space to serve your community and country, that is the choice you have made and this is what I call humanity,” President Boakai added.
He maintained that the government’s arrest agenda is about the youth as such in respective the young people are the life wire of the country and are most reliable and potential for nation building.

“This is why I want to put on notice, the dealers of drugs who have taken career in tempering and polluting the vulnerable minds of our youth and children have us to contend with. As they persist in the nation great in venture of destroying our youth which amount to tempering with the future and destiny of our nation, we will eager an in-depth challenge by leaving no stone on turned in making life miserable for them. We can say without hesitation that this is war,” President Boakai said.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Leader emphasized that the drugs lords should understand that they are the same as the heartless criminals committing crimes against humanity by destroying the future of the nation future generation.

He continued: “I say loud and clear therefore, that we assured them that from this moment forward they should expect us to fight them with every legal mean available to us. They must be seen as enemies to our people and nation who deserve no place in this nation. We will let them have no rest.

He asserted that as they fight drugs and substances abuse, they will also invest both in rescuing the victims and supporting roles that go towards reducing drugs as well as stead more resources in their endeavors to confront the enemies and reclaim the youthful at-risk for which they have set themselves to fight corruption and as well reduce and improve the condition and quality of the youth.

He declared the youth(graduates) as ambassadors of the rescue mission and as well asked them to work along with the government and joined the campaign to move from ghettos to ghettos in and out of Monrovia to encourage their fellow youth to build the courage to follow their footsteps and join the community of youth they have created.

“Indeed, you now make up the community of reclaimed youth. Thank you for your leadership role,”.

President Boakai thanked the Joint Inter-sectorial At-Risk Youth Empowerment Program team and international partners for their tireless efforts in ensuring that the youths are integrated into the society after a months long training and rehabilitation process.

The Joint Inter-sectorial At-Risk Youth Empowerment Program fund Drive was launched in 2022 by former President George Weah.
The program aimed to rehabilitate and empowerment of at-risk youth in Liberia.

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