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Sexual Abuse Against Children Is a Scourge…Says SOS Children’s Villages National Director in Liberia

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By T,R Dixon

Monrovia: The National Director of the SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia, Mr. Prosper M. Ndione, has said Sexual Abuse against children is a scourge that knows no borders.”
Mr. Ndione indicated the scourge affects millions of lives globally including children in Liberia.

He said, it thrives in the shadows of silence and Ignorance, preying on the vulnerability of children – the most defenseless of society.

He made the statement in Monrovia at a program held under the theme: Safeguarding Children & Young People & Future: Preventing Sexual Abuse against Girls and Boys on Blue Umbrella Day.

According to him, as champions of children’s rights, we have to shine a light on this dark reality and take decisive actions to protect our children and young people from harm.

Blue Umbrella Day serves as a powerful reminder of our shared responsibility to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation,” he said.

The SOS Boss indicated that, through awareness, education, and advocacy, we can build a protective umbrella under which children can thrive free from fear and harms.

He stressed that, authority can, and must protect children and young people as well as equip them with the knowledge and skills to recognize and report abuse.

“We must empower communities to break the cycle of silence, and hold perpetrators Accountable for their actions – no matter who they are and their status in society,” he noted.

He disclosed that the SOS Children’s Villages is committed to working alongside our partners and stakeholders to ensure that every child is afforded the protection and care he/she deserves.

He pointed that, globally, 1 out of 13 boys experienced sexual abuse while many more are exploited or exposed to inappropriate sexual materials.

He said these experiences have long-term consequences.

Together, we will strengthen child protection systems, improve access to support services, and advocate for survivor-centered approaches that prioritize the well-being and recovery of victims.

“We can break the cycle of silence and create a future where every child can grow and thrive in safety and dignity,” he noted.

He reaffirms SOS Children’s Villages Liberia unwavering Commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of every child.

“Let us stand together in solidarity to create a world where every child can grow and thrive in safety and security, he stated.

Mr. Ndione emphasized that, resources are scarce but words can change the world, Changing the way we teach could help them avoid harms in their lives, and to ask for help when they need it.

“Together, we can make a difference and build a future where no child has to endure the pains and suffering of sexual abuse,” he noted.

He told the gathering that, Safeguarding Children & Young People and their future is significant because children are beacons of hope in the collective efforts to safeguard the Vulnerable and dignity of every child.

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