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No Evidence To Show: Tweh Purchased US$150,000 House

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By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: Amos Tweh, the new Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), has been accused of purchasing a luxurious house, valued at US$150,000, just weeks after his appointment by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

One of Liberia’s social media blogs, Shine Liberia, reported the claim. According to the report, Tweh’s house is currently at the lintel level.

Shine Liberia, in its report, also suggested that the new LPRC MD’s decision to buy the house was to ensure that he acquires property early enough, as he fears incumbent President Joseph Nyuma Boakai may not be reelected in 2029.

“You must do everything to get more properties and money to take care of you for the rest of your life,” said Shine Liberia, in its report.

The claim, made on March 16, 2024, has generated over 1.1k comments, 1k emojis, and 83 shares.

In the face of the growing public interest, DUBAWA, a factfinding group, decided to fact-check the information.


Firstly, the researcher demanded pieces of evidence from Shine Liberia via its Messenger page to provide detail accounts about its report. However, there has since been no response.

For his part, the new LPRC MD, Amos Tweh, dismissed the claim, describing it as ‘Nonsense.’

Tweh wrote on his official Facebook page: “Pekin, you and your sponsors need to try harder. For the public good, let me state that in 2013, I acquired 1.9 plots of land in Caldwell to build a residential area.”

Tweh narrated that he mobilized his meager resources and started the project in 2014, partially completing the ground floor and moving in around 2019.

“I have been living here for almost five years now. I am told in your usual anger-ranting and smear campaign against my person. You are insinuating that after my appointment as Managing Director of LPRC, I immediately bought this house at a cost of 150k. Nonsense!”

According to Mr. Tweh, the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) records him paying real estate tax on this property for the last few years.

He further stated that the UP government has a firm policy focusing on public service integrity.

“If you know me too well, you will never contemplate writing such trash,” he added.

Weeks after Tweh’s denial, Shine Liberia has yet to substantiate the claim against the LPRC boss with evidence.
DUBAWA proceeded to the Liberia Revenue Authority, asking for evidence of Mr. Tweh’s property tax payment.

However, the Authority, through its communications Manager, did not confirm or deny Tweh’s disclosure that the Revenue Authority has a record of his tax history.

“The law forbids me from providing such information to you,” Kaiheneh Sengbeh, the LRA’s communication manager, told DUBAWA.

The country’s Revenue Code of 2000 as Amended 2011, particularly Part 1, Chapter 1, subchapter B, Section 54 (a), (b) and © forbids officials of the LRA from sharing taxpayers’s information in their possession with third parties unless such party has authority over tax matters.

Sengbeh: “If another journalist were to ask me for your tax information, I would not reveal the same.”
Though the Revenue Authority wouldn’t say how much he is paying on the property or when he started payment, Amos shared pictures of the house with DUBAWA from years ago when it was under construction.

Here are the house photographs:

His statement was corroborated by another resident of the community who, upon hearing information that Amos had purchased a new house weeks after his appointment by the President, said on Facebook:

“Shine Liberia is spreading false and misleading information about Honorable Amos B. Tweh,” Anthony J. Wah said.

“The land was purchased in 2013, and by 2014, construction work began, and by the middle of 2019, the entire ground floor and portion of the first floor was completed. Let it be made cleared here that Honorable Tweh didn’t buy any property while serving as Managing Director of LPRC.”

Mr. Wah also passed a messenger conversation he had in 2017 with Tweh during the construction of the building.

See screenshot below:

Based on DUBAWA investigation, including Shine Liberia’s failure to respond to its inquiries and the clarity of the accused, the claim lacks the semblance of truth and is, therefore, misleading.

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