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Robertsport Goes Gleam …As 60 World-Class Surf Athletes Set To Thrill Thousands

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By Elbie Sebleh

MONROVIA/Robertsport: At least 60 global and renowned athletes have expressed their intention and determination to participate in the May 22, 2024, international surf competition scheduled to be held in Robertsport City, Grand Cape Mount County, Republic of Liberia.

The international surf competition, which is the first of its kind to be hosted in the West African nation is being held under the auspices of the Liberia Surfing Association (LSA), headed by Madam Roberna Vincent.

Thousands of Liberians, residents, foreign dignitaries and other distinguished guests and surf enthusiasts would be thrilled by the world-class athletes during the competition.
Surfing is a water sport in which an individual uses a board to ride on a moving wave of water which usually carries the surfer towards the shore.

The equipment used for the sport include: surfboards, leashes and wetsuits.

Organizers disclosed that the latest competition is expected to bring together at least 60 world-class athletes to showcase their respective surfing abilities and rich experiences.

According to organizers of the global competition, of the 60 athletes, 50 are representing their respective countries from around the world, while the Republic of Liberia, that will host the competition would be represented by 10 of its noted surf athletes comprising six males and four females.

Addressing the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing, Madan Vincent said, the historic and groundbreaking event will not only highlight the exceptional waves of Robertsport surfing attraction but also solidify Liberia’s deserving place in the global surfing community.

According to her, the LSA’s efforts to promote and develop surfing in Liberia have caught the attention of the international surfing community, leading to the selection of Liberia as the kick-off country for surfing in Africa.

“This event is pivotal towards the development of surfing in Liberia,” says Madam Vincent.

“We are not only showcasing our world-class waves but also establishing Liberia’s significance as a top surf destination,” she emphasized.

She explained that with the global surf tourism market estimated to reach a whopping US$17.1 billion by 2032, the timing would be better for Liberia to make its mark in the international surf industry.

The Surf to Rise Liberia event will position the country as a player in the industry, attracting surf enthusiasts from around the world and boosting tourism and economic growth.

“We are thrilled to have the world of surfing’s eyes on Liberia, This event marks the first international Africa tour of its kind and further cements Liberia’s significance as a top surf destination in the world,” she added.

The event is expected to held in collaboration with the Liberia National Olympic Committee, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

She indicated that their joint efforts have not only supported sporting competitions and capacity building, but also provide opportunity to engage central government in the development of n surf sport in Liberia.
As the Surf to Rise Liberia event begins shortly, the legacy of this momentous occasion will continue to shape the future of surfing in Liberia. With its world-class waves and the recognition it has garnered, Liberia is set to ride the wave of success in the global surf scene, she explained.
The organizers said, the list of some of the leading surf athletes who are set to participate in the pending competition would be released shortly at a news conference as appropriate arrangements for the participation are being finalized.

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