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In Providing Opportunities For Its Citizens: Liberia Has Fallen Short! …Pro-Temp Karnga Lawrence Asserts

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By: Patrick Cooper

PAYNESVILLE CITY: The President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, Madame Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, has encouraged the youthful population of Liberia to make use of skills acquired and help correct the negative past of the Country.

Speaking, as a guest speaker over the weekend at the Ministry of Youth & Sports Business & Domestic Occupational Training Center Graduation Ceremony at the Gymnasium of the SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville, Madame Lawrence told the graduates that success in any country is challenging, especially Liberia that has fallen behind many countries in providing opportunities for its citizens to be successful.

Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence: “But, now we have an opportunity to correct the past, not just to talk about it. And that starts with me and with you. For my part, I promise to serve with honesty, integrity, and with a sense of commitment for the welfare of our people.”

According to the President Pro-Tempore, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is very important to Liberia and that it is time to partner with others to promote policies and regulations that will help heal the country and create opportunities for the citizens.

She opined that because Government has not been forthcoming with providing job opportunities, women have become the bread winners for most of their families and must learn some skills that will help them support their families.

“Government is the biggest employer in our Country and that is unfortunate,” she noted.
Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence asserted that it is now time that they, as leaders, must begin to exhibit the reputation that will attract investments, and promote the private sector growth, which will give employment opportunities to Liberians and make them independent in terms of acquiring technical and other basic skills.

The head of the Liberian Senate told the TVET`s graduates that she will hold herself accountable for decisions taken and to ensure that the decisions to improve the lives of the people are enforced.
“And we are starting this by making sure that what we want for our country are listed as programs in our budget, and that all Counties will benefit,” she indicated.

According to her, they as (Senators) have also reduced the budget of the Legislature drastically by about 50% including the budget of the Pro-Tempore, to focus on plans and programs that will improve the livelihoods of Liberians.

She has, at the same time, encouraged the graduates to hold themselves accountable in doing what’s right in their respective professions.

“Do not cheat others. Do not take short cuts at the expense of others. Do not mishandle the finances of others to your benefit. Do not encourage wrongdoings, and do not participate in the same corruption that has taken opportunities away from you,” she cautioned graduates.

Madame Lawrence informed the young people that though the road ahead will not be an easy one, they must be strong as they face difficulties, and that they should not give up.

“As you know, vocational training emphasizes “learning by doing.” You have skills because you practiced for many days and weeks in class,” she said.

Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence further thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the TVET opportunity that the Ministry is providing which she said will help close some of the unemployment gaps in the country.

“Our graduates will leave here today with professional careers that will make them self-employed, and provide professional services to the public and private sectors,” she noted.
Madame Lawrence recalled that few months ago they used TVET as a campaign message, noting how the President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai also mentioned TVET as one of his deliverables, and that they are doing their best as the Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate to give more to TVET in the national budget.
“We all must take TVET as a priority because it develops skill in you: makes you employable, thereby reducing unemployment and enables you to be an entrepreneur”, she emphasized.

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