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“I Feel Sorry For Boakai”… Dr. Whapoe Breaks Salience; Says “Too Much Power Struggle Around the President”

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By Elbie Sebleh

MONROVIA: Opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT), political leader, Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe, has broken silence after almost a year.

Appearing on a local radio station over the weekend to speak on serious national issues including his relationship with President Joseph Nyumah Boakai since his ascendancy to the presidency.

Asked by a reporter concerning his perspective about the governance of President Boakai in his first one hundred days completion, Dr. Whapoe said, President Boakai will struggle to deliver to the Liberian people.

According to him, President Boakai will struggle and find it difficult because of his inner circle that is clouded with individuals with political interests as opposed to the general good of the Liberian people.

The opposition politician noted that President Boakai’s inner circle members are so much concerned about jobs distribution than jobs creation as the President envisioned.

“That is why they are duplication names of nominated officials as were seen in the case of Deputy Minister of Heath and many others,” he asserted.

“President Boakai will struggle. He is a good man and has a good heart. But, he will struggle because of some players he has included on his team who are political opportunists.

He further disclosed that “there is too much power struggle around President Boakai.” He stressed: “I Feel Sorry for President Boakai because his circle is insincere.”

Dr. Whapoe lamented that there are many individuals who are very close to President Boakai but are very deceptive.

“President Boakai has good intentions for the country. He will deliver but he has to take care of his inner circle because they have separate interests outside of his goals and plans for Liberia,” the politician said.

According to him, it’s wrong for a single position to be given to two persons as it is seen under this government, adding that the duplication of positions is part of things President Boakai is now struggling with.

“Look at what happened to the position of Deputy Minister of Health. There are things that are happening that he (President Boakai) is not in control of. Had he been in the know, he will would have corrected it. Those things happen when people have their individual interests that are against the shared goals of the Institution or country, “he noted.

Dr. Whapoe however said he and President Boakai are still good friends despite the fact that their friendship has, somehow been slow due to President Boakai’s busy schedule and his (Whapoe’s lack of access) to the President.

“President Boakai is still my good friend. We are still moving. The only things is that, we are not moving like before, because he is busy and I’m not offended by that,” he noted.

When asked if he will accept a job from his good friend, (the President), Dr. Whapoe said, that he is open and willing to work with President Boakai since the both of them have interest in agriculture and Liberia’s improvement.

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