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Actionaid-Liberia Craves Climate Justice

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By: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: Action aid Liberia, in collaboration with its project implementing partners and international allies, achieved a significant milestone with the successful conduct of the Green Innovation Fair (GIF) for Climate Justice over the weekend.

The event took place at Invincible Park in Monrovia and was dedicated to combating climate change and advancing the climate justice campaign.

The GIF was also in alignment with the #FixTheFinance Global campaign led by Action Aid International, which aims to address the role of institutions such as private banks like HSBC, Barclays, Citi, the IMF, the World Bank, and multilateral development banks in fueling the climate crisis.

The campaign calls for these institutions to #FixTheFinance and prioritize green, climate-friendly innovations to help improve and promote a clean and safe environment.
The Fair served as a platform to showcase green innovations, foster partnerships, ensure policy alignment, provide capacity building, and facilitate funding opportunities for youth entrepreneurs.

Additionally, it aimed to bridge gaps in the Liberian context by facilitating market access for sustainable environmental practices.

The initiative spearheaded by Action Aid Liberia sought to empower young entrepreneurs in scaling their green businesses and fostering sustainable environmental practices in Liberia, making it a crucial step towards achieving climate justice.

Speaking on behalf of the Climate Justice Youth Network, Ms. Mariah James, pointed out that climate justice is a critical issue that has gained increasing attention in recent years, requiring the attention of not only the environmental impacts but also the social, economic, and political factors that contribute to inequality and injustice.
“To achieve climate justice, we must prioritize the needs of those most affected by climate change, support equitable policies, hold entities accountable, and promote awareness of environmental and social interconnectedness for collective action,” Mariah said.

Meanwhile, Action Aid Liberia Program and Policy Manager, Mr. Dalitso Kuphanga, disclosed that the event is aimed at promoting innovations that contribute to environmental protection as part of their “Fund Our Future Campaign” to promote climate justice.
He emphasized that their climate justice campaign currently covers several counties including Montserrado, Bong, Grand Gedeh, Gbarpolu, and is expected to extend across the entire country soon.
As part of their strategy, Action Aid Liberia Country Director, Madam Elizabeth Dato Gbah-Johnson, disclosed that the Green Innovation Fair event is just the beginning of their commitment to enhance Climate Justice.

Madam Elizabeth announced AAL’s commitment to establish movements with over 600,000 people, mostly women and youth involved, and work with this population in the Climate Justice campaign across the country.

Also, the Team Leader Green Economy EU Delegation to Liberia, Madam Montse Pantaleoni, characterized the event as a positive way forward in involving women and youth to take the lead in advocating for climate justice.

Pantaleoni assured the Green Innovators who are closely working with Action Aid-Liberia of the EU’s full commitment to support their efforts in keeping the environment safe from climate change.
In special remarks, the Assistant Minister for Planning at the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Francis Mulbah, called for youth empowerment to help minimize climate change.

“We need to support these Green Innovators who are helping to minimize the issues of climate change in our livelihood. “This is not about the government alone; it is about collective efforts to get a green environment for future sustainability,” Minister Mulbah stated.

During the event, participants expressed their aspirations on the “Wall of Hope,” advocating for transitioning to solar energy, clean streets, climate-smart agriculture, zero waste, renewable energy, and the abolition of deforestation, among other initiatives.

The GIF for Climate Justice Event served as a powerful platform for collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of climate justice.

By bringing together diverse stakeholders and showcasing the products of Green Innovators, it not only highlighted the importance of sustainable practices but also demonstrated the collective commitment towards a greener and more equitable future.
The event symbolizes a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to address climate change and inspires hope for a more sustainable world for generations to come.

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