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NaFAA Crisis ‘Swells’…As Employees Remain Divided Over Call To Remove DG Glassco

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MONROVIA: A group of individuals calling itself workers of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA), has passed a “Vote of No Confidence” in NaFAA Director General, Madam Emma Glassco for alleged acts of illegal dismissal, dictatorial postures, and mismanagement of the Authority’s funds, among others.

In a Resolution, a copy of which was obtained by this Newspaper, the NaFAA Workers Association, through its Secretary General, Isaac Patrick Johns, claimed that Madam Glassco has become dictatorial and overbearing to listen even among her colleagues at NaFAA in fostering a good working environment.

The Workers Association further alleged that Madam Glassco has refused to adhere to the interventions of the Board Chair of NaFAA, the House of Representatives and the House of Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and other well-meaning Liberians amidst her willful dismissal of employees at the entity and misuse of the authority’s funds to satisfy her ‘antsy’ lifestyle.

Mr. Johns asserted that Madam Glassco has consistently violated Section 6.6 of NaFAA Human Resource Policy by removing employees’ names from payroll while on study leave.

He said under her stewardship, all employees’ salaries are subject to NASSCORP deduction, but were never remitted, thereby affecting employees’ future benefits.

Furthermore, Isaac Patrick Johns noted that during Madam Glassco’s ascendency as NaFAA Boss, adequate funds, approximately US$4.8 million material and human resources were available and inherited from the Administration of former President Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to start the smooth operations of the entity, contrary to public relations campaign by her team that she brought so much to NaFAA.

The Secretary General indicated that Madam Glassco attitude towards retaining the Director General’s position is less of passion for the sector as she has made many to believe but ensure she gets rich.

However, in an apparent swift attempt to overturn the Resolution by the NaFAA Workers Association, NaFAA Public Affairs Office, quoting several workers of NaFAA distanced themselves from the resolution.
The NaFAA release quotes some employees from the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) of distancing themselves from a recent petition originating from a purported Workers Association Leadership that was presented to President Nyuma Joseph Boakai government underlying an ultimatum for Mrs. Emma Glassco’s removal by a ‘vote of no confidence.’

The release further noted that the employees maintained that NaFAA is a professional entity, therefore; they are apolitical in the discharge of their duties and were not clothed with the authority to neither give the government an ultimatum, nor pass a vote of no confidence in an institution that represents the government.

“Moreover, we encourage the concerned group to direct their grievances to the appropriate authorities and await redress, as we want to make this emphatically clear, that the petition does not represent the entire workforce of NaFAA as there were no consultations, meetings, or resolutions to this effect.

“We will continue to maintain our professionalism and remain a-political in the discharge of our duties to maintain the enviable gains and progress that the institution enjoys.”
“Finally, we cautioned the concerned group that their proceedings were wrong and that we must be careful not to set the wrong precedence,” the NaFAA release quoting employees emphasized.

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