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Western Cluster Falls In ‘Hot-Water’ … Blamed for Unlawfully Trucking Iron Ores Out Days and Nights, Others

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MONROVIA: The Ministry of Public Works on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, with immediate effect suspended Western Cluster Limited (WCL) Road User Permit (RUP – 220620-004) that was issued to the company.
The action by the government to suspend the Company’s Road User Permit is due to the Violations of the Terms of the Permit.
According to a notice from the Ministry of Public to WCL, through its Country Representative, the Company persistently violated Section II (D)(E) of the Permit by employing the use of trucks longer than the permitted 34 feet length, 8.5 feet in weight, and carrying an axel load of about 40 tons- far beyond the allowable 30 tons.
The Ministry of Public Works, in its notice, explained that they have observed and documented Western Cluster’s trucking of iron ore throughout the day and night, contrary to the limitation stipulated in the Permit, which restricts the trucking of iron ore only between 7PM to 6AM.
The Ministry also charged the Company for non-compliance with Section III (A) of the Permit, which requires the company to erect and install weigh bridges at the point of departure and at Klay Junction respectively.
Additionally, the Ministry pointed out that the company has fallen short of upholding key transparency and accountability measures and has evidentially niched the Company to its glaring failure to carry out maintenance and repair of the referenced road corridor, thereby eroding pliability and posing challenges to other road users.
The Ministry of Public Works also recalled that prior to the issuance of the notice suspending Western Cluster’s Road User Permit, a November 6, 2023 suspension was affected against these very violations.
What is more frustrating, according to the Ministry is that, on November 6, 2023, the government suspended the permit for similar violations and such suspension was lifted after they assured the government of curing those violations within the soonest possible time.

As such, a statement from the Ministry indicated that the government was left with no option but to take the decision against the Company for the lack of good faith to fulfill its obligations under the Permit until any or all violations and defaults under the Permit are cured.
However, the government warned that if the company fail to cure the supra stipulated violations within 60 days, the company risks termination of its ROAD USER PERMIT.
It can be recalled that President Joseph Nyuma Boakai recently threatened to cancel Western Cluster Mining Company’s deal because it extracts the nation’s resources, damages the roads, and leaves no benefits for the people.
President Boakai announced his plan at Suehn Mecca District in Bomi County on Tuesday, 30, April 2024, during a chat with Public Works Minister Roland Giddings while embarking on an inspection of roads across Liberia.

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