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“Audit Findings Will Be Implemented”-Says New CDA Boss

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MONROVIA: The Registrar General for Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), Madam Luopu G. Kandakai, stressed the importance of accountability and proper audits to combat corruption within the Cooperative Movement in Liberia and ensure effective use of funds provided by government and development partners.

Madam Kandakai said until Liberians can put aside self-interest and prioritize Liberia, things will never be changed in the country positive.

She disclosed that cooperative societies will be accountable for monies given them and urged cooperative societies to be very honest in managing funds they received from government and development partners.

Madam Kandakai made these statements over the weekend during an official presentation of an audit report conducted by the CDA to Conservation International, (CI) for two fishery Cooperatives in Rivercess county.

The new CDA Boss said, government will monitor all Cooperative Societies throughout the country through the Cooperative Development Agency.

She highlighted the significance of taking legal action against individual members of Cooperative Societies and leaderships of Cooperative Societies suspected to be connected to and mismanagement.

The CDA Boss pointed out challenges in Rivercess County and calls for decisive actions to uphold integrity in the Cooperative Movement in Liberia.

” We will have to make sure to sensitize the people enough through cooperative awareness including drama, flyers, and jingles because development greatest enemy is corruption.

We have to jump over corruption, if this culture of corruption doesn’t change, it is going to force us to that level of getting it changed and what we have for it as a medicine is audit,” Madam Kandakai said.

Over 200 beneficiaries received financial support from Conservation International, CI in 2022-2023 from the Blue Oceans Program to empower fishmongers and women in Cooperative Societies.

Unity First Fishery Cooperative Society, and Fanti Fish Folks, Cestos City, with joint membership of 148 received US$43,300.29.

Help Yourself Fishery Cooperative Society, Timo Kru, Rivercess County with membership of 53 received US$423,638.45 which said money is intended to rotate among members of the Cooperative Societies.
Madam Kandakai used the occasion to thank Conservation International’s family for their tireless support to Cooperative Societies in Liberia through the Blue Oceans Program.

Speaking on behalf of the Conservation International, the Program Director, Mike Kava, thanked the Government of Liberia through the Cooperative Development Agency for its collaborations since the beginning of the program in nine coastal counties in Liberia.

The CI’s Program Director said, the goal of the Blue Oceans Program is to provide sustainable management of Liberia’s coastal counties and marine ecosystem through conservation and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystem services.

The manager added that it also helps to alleviate poverty, protect biodiversity, and mitigate and adapt to climate change.

“Funds given to each of these women from these Cooperative Societies are intended to rotate among members in their various Cooperatives’ communities in line with the Blue Oceans Program,” Mike Kava said.

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