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National Leaders Must ‘Think Outside The Box’: The Case of Liberia’s Prolonged Electricity Woes

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Recently, the Head of the European Union (EU), Delegation to Liberia, Ambassador Nona Deprez, spoke on a number of crucial issues bordering on Liberia’s energy sector and the need for Liberians to take a number of measures aimed providing sustainable energy or electricity access to all.

Speaking recently at program marking the ground-breaking for the construction of three 33-kilovolt distribution networks and customer connections to the cities of Buchanan, Greenville and Barclayville in Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties respectively, Ambassador Deprez confirmed or acknowledged that the Liberian Nation has an amazing potential access to electricity.

According to the top EU envoy, the country is endowed with abundant renewable energy sources, mainly hydro and solar that could effectively give electricity/ light to all of its citizens.

Another key point stressed by the EU Diplomat is awareness raising among Liberian population about the efficient use of energy.

“Everyone will need to get used to meters, to paying for the energy that you consume. It is not sustainable to use a flat rate and consume as much energy as you want. It is not good for the planet, and it is not good for Liberia’s economic development.

We, at The INDEPENDENT Newspaper think that Liberians need to take cue from Ambassador Deprez’s prudent words of caution and for both citizens and residents to rise from using electricity facilities here without making any payment for such services as it is being wrongly done in many communities, particularly in Monrovia and its immediate environs.

We have also gathered that in some communities, several persons prefer not to use LEC meters to avoid payment for the electricity services, and to willfully avoid being monitored for the electricity services they enjoy from LEC.

What those concerned also do to freely benefit from electricity supplies is to get themselves connected to LEC poles via what is notoriously referred to in such communities as being ‘ON DIRECT.’

Interestingly, such unregulated people generally enjoy electricity services even more than many regular and legitimate LEC customers in several communities.

Indeed, such measure is, to say the least, totally wrong, anti-business progress and sustainability, and criminal.

Let it also be made clear here that EU has provided a grant of Euro 52 million aimed at giving electricity access for 42,000 households in Monrovia while also supporting the formation of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission to strengthen the energy legal framework and reduce energy losses.

As if these were not sufficient, EU contributed Euro 10 million to the Liberia Energy Efficiency and Access Program, which focuses on installing new transmission lines from Paynesville to Roberts International Airport (RIA) and from Pleebo, Maryland County, to Fish Town, River Gee County.

The European Union, through the European Investment Bank, and other global partners have also been supporting the reconstruction of the Mount Coffee hydropower facility in White Plain, Montserrado County, and is implementing other people-center development projects in Liberia.

Indeed, we, at The INDEPENDENT Newspaper acknowledged with delight, EU’s increasing commitment to helping Liberia achieve its goal of providing access to energy for 35% of the population outside Monrovia by 2030.

But, while such gestures by the European Union and other international partners toward Liberia are commendable and appreciated, we think that leaders of Liberia, a sovereign nation, need to put on their thinking cap or ‘think outside the box’ by making proper use of the natural resources that the country has been endowed with, especially in relation to improving the country’s energy, and /or electricity sector.

With the abundant water sources in the country, we often wonder as to why is actually holding Liberian leaders back to, for example, supply adequate water to the much-talked-about Mount Coffee Hydropower Facility in White Plain, Montserrado County, during every dry season?

We, as a Government and Nation, need to expand electricity services and to properly account for the electrical power that being used by households, institutions and businesses regularly.

We say this simply because, electricity services, worldwide, are not free. People must surely pay for the amount of electricity they use regularly.

Frankly, it is totally discouraging and embarrassingly disappointing for our national leaders from time to time, give somewhat flimsy excuses that regular provision of electricity to the population is not possible during dry season here because there is no adequate water supply to the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant in White plain, Montserrado County.

If the Republic of Liberia is blessed with an amazing potential access to electricity for all of its citizens as the EU Boss recently stressed, we wonder why our national leaders cannot explore new or other possibilities, alternatives and, /or options aimed at fully meeting the crucial electricity needs of their country’s estimated 5 million plus population?

If corruption is the root cause, then, we must courageously fight such evil, as Government and Nation without any fear or favor.

In the salient words of Liberia’s former Presidential Candidate and noted business tycoon, Alexander Benedict Cummings “doing one thing over and over without getting any good result” is unthinkable.

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