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No Shortcut! …Boakai Tells Foreign Investors

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By: Patrick Cooper

TEXAS, USA: President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has cautioned those considering investing in Liberia including officials of the Liberian government to avoid using “shortcut” or illegal means, indicating that anyone doing so will be taking risk.

While encouraging several investors to consider investing in the West African nation of Liberia, President Boakai promised an enabling environment for investments in the country but noted that “it will not be business as usual.”
The Liberian President spoke at a round table discussion during the US-Africa Summit in Dallas, Texas, styled: “Invest in Liberia.”

The Liberian leader told the US-Africa Summit that Liberia is now opened for business and that this time, investments in Liberia will surely benefit the investors.

“When we say Liberia is open for business, it is in a different way, and not business as usual,” he maintained.

President Boakai indicated that his government appreciates every investment in Liberia.

However, he noted that this time, his administration will make sure that resources leaving the country should benefit Liberian citizens and leave a mark behind for the nation.

“Our purpose is to create an enabling environment and we are again open for business but with a new look this time,” the President continued.

He said that his government will uphold the rule of law which will also protect investors and create a safe space.

“We will not ask for anything that is not legal,” he promised.

The President expressed his administration`s willingness to see investors look at investments in diverse ways. He noted that everything they want for an investment is in Liberia.

President Boakai named good vegetables, best species of fish, and attractive beaches among several other resources as areas his leadership wants to make sure are utilized.

“Liberia is a blessed country but is yet to make good use of such blessings given by God, and it is now time that we utilize such blessings by doing the right thing,” he mentioned.

The Liberia leader opined that his government wants the ordinary people benefit from everything that is in the country.

He outlined several reasons why his government focusing on dealing with corruption in Liberia.

“We do not want investors who will want to take short cut with other government officials, anyone doing so, will do it at your own risk,” President Boakai warned.

He indicated that his leadership wants to usher in a new Liberia where in few years, one of the areas he wants to use is the tourism sector which he believes can help make Liberia great again.

“We want people coming to invest in Liberia who will join us think, love and build Liberia,” President Boakai told prospective investors.

President Boakai disclosed to investors at the “Invest In Liberia” round table hall that his ascendency to the Liberian Presidency is to provide leadership to the young people by giving them hope.

“We want to build their capacity, and provide good jobs for them, not for the next election but the next generation,” he asserted.

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai is currently in the United States of America attending the US-Africa Summit where several African leaders are also in attendance and making their cases for investments in their respective countries.

He departed Liberia on May 4, 2024, with high-leveled delegation which included nine (9) of his top cabinet members for the summit.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti; Commence Minister, Amin Modad; Minister of Agriculture, Alexander Nuetah; Mines and Energy Minister, Wilmot Paye; Minister of Information, Jerolimek Piah; and Sahr Johnny, Sr., Economic Advisor to the President.

Others making the President`s delegation currently making the case for Liberia are in the United States.

While at the Summit, President Boakai has also had several sideline meetings with several other dignitaries and other high-profiled leaders from Africa and the United States.

Among leaders who met with the Liberian President are the President of Kosovo, Madam Vjosa Osmani and United States’ former Ambassador to Liberia, now US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, among others.

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