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Maritime Institute Renews Contribution to Economic Growth

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MARSHALL, MARGIBI: On the occasion marking the graduation of 24 Cadets from Liberia Maritime Training Institute (LMTI), the Chairman of the Institute, Mr. Abraham Avi Zaidenberg, renewed the institution’s commitment to the economic growth and creation of employment in Liberia.

The graduation of the 24 Liberian Cadets, who earned Associate Degrees, marked the third (3rd) by the institution and was held at its campus in Marshall City, Margibi County.

Mr. Zaidenberg said LMTI has well-qualified and committed instructors to provide high quality education to its trainees that will propel them for the job market so that they can in turn contribute meaningfully to the economy of their country.

“We have high quality courses taught by committed and qualified teachers and this is evident by the result that we get in terms of their employment after graduation. LMTI will continue to be a key stakeholder in contributing to the economic growth and creation of employment,” he indicated.

The LMTI Chairman also disclosed plan to extend the portfolio of courses offered to include specialized certificate courses, adding: “We will continue to upgrade the skills of our workforce by conducting regular training.”

With the training center situated in the heart of Marshall, Mr. Zaidenberg encouraged youth of the city to take advantage of the enrollment so that they are not left out in the process of maritime knowledge acquisition.

In remarks, Mr. Tal Hendler, General Manager of LMTI, extolled the graduates for their determination to reach thus far.

“Despite the challenges, you rose to the task and will be proud graduates today. You made it because of your great determination,” Hendler asserted as he encouraged them to endure on the quality developed and knowledge received to make life better.

“This is a life journey that will serve your forever. It’s also the beginning of your future; you are physically and spiritually prepared to move forward.”
But Hendler believes that the graduates can only succeed by combining the knowledge, skills and education acquired with ethical values.

He told the gathering of parents and dignitaries that the graduates have done their best and are evidently committed to performing their duty.

Predicated upon the quality of knowledge acquired, Hendler called on international maritime organizations and shippers to consider the graduates in their various entities for possible job placement.

“Many happy moments await you. We are extremely confident that you will go out and make us proud,” he stressed.

At the same time, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr., described the graduation of the 24 cadets as a significant and valuable milestone towards the ARREST Agenda of his government.

“This is a testament to ensure value in our governance system. It is our unwavering commitment to the development of young people, who are central to this agenda.”

“Training such as this will lead to the progress of our country. It’s one of the key pillars of our ARREST Agenda. We must equip our youth with marketable skills for the job markets.”

With Liberia being listed in Category A within the international maritime sector, the Liberian leader says it is time to take more concrete steps towards developing the country’s maritime sector.

He vowed his government’s support to approach the expansion of the LMTI with strategic steps and efficiency that will depict our status in the global maritime industry.”

He urged the graduates to go all out to raise the flag of Liberia at higher heights.

“Know that you carry the hope and the aspirations of your country on shoulder in the face of the many challenges. Remember that the struggles that you went through are meant to shift you for a purpose. By this, you will be contributing to advancing your country. Know that success does not come so easily for you can’t succeed without sacrifice. Your success today is a clear manifestation of your determination.”

President Boakai also reminded them (graduates) to serve as positive representatives of their respective communities and families.

“Always know that intelligence and knowledge without good character can be harmful. In our continue effort, we need to increase the number of seafarers, because this increase employment and boost the GDP.”

In a related development, the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA), Cllr. Neto Zarzar Lighe, has cautioned the graduates against ship jumping, which has brought reputational damage to the image of the country.

“We are being informed that some of our Liberian seafarers and cadets employed with vessels engaged in international trade are being involved into ship jumping, with intentional disregard to their contractual obligations with vessels on which they are employed. This illegal and unpatriotic practice has cast enormous reputational damage to the Liberian seafarers and has resulted to ship owners requesting bond agreements be signed as condition for employing Liberian seafarers on their vessels.”

“I must say that ship jumping is inexcusably amounts to grievous injury on the reputation of the Liberian flag. I kindly ask you guys to reverse that trend by honoring your contractual obligations to vessels thereby redeeming the image and reputation of the flag you carry. You must be the vehicle that paves the way for ship owners to once again trust Liberian seafarers. Your task is to remain committed, disciplined and steadfast on the ocean. You must not jump ship because that is not a good representation of a good seafarer.”

As the maritime landscape is evolving daily, Commissioner Lighe urged the graduates to be robust and embrace new technology and be opened to fresh perspectives.

“Lastly, the ship to which you may be employed in the future should be a home away from home for you. It will be a vessel navigated not by individual but by a team. You must therefore foster further relationships with your fellow crewmates, cultivate clear communication and remember that you are all in this together,” he emphasized.

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