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To Avoid: Potential Unrest …Yekeh Pleads With Gov’t For Over 20,000 Motorcyclists In Monrovia

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MONROVIA: Montserrado County’s re-elected Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, has passionately appealed to the Government of Liberia (GOL), through the Liberia National Police (LNP), to grant a one-month grace-period to an estimated 20,000 motorcyclists in Monrovia and its environs to acquire their operational, safety and other essential documents.

In a formal communication to Police Inspector General, Col. Gregory Coleman, Representative Kolubah requested a one-month grace period to be given to the motorcyclists in the wake of the LNP’s current “NO GO ZONE” enforcement for motorcyclists and tricyclists.

It is estimated by observers that over 20,000 commercial motorcyclists and tricyclists are being affected by the LNP’s ‘No-Go- Zone’ enforcement.

The current enforcement of the No-Go-Zone, according to other motorcyclists and tricyclists is in contrast to last week’s decision by the LNP authority which called off the ‘no-go -zone’ enforcement for motorbikes and tricycles plying the streets of Monrovia and its immediate environs.

Rep. Kolubah’s communication, dated May 15, 2024, said, he is confident that the full month grace period adjustment for motorbikes and tricycles is crucial for a smooth transition, and will help maintain peace on the streets of Monrovia.

The well-known but controversial lawmaker noted that granting the motorcyclists and tricyclists this grace period will also prevent “unnecessary conflict, ensure compliance with the law, and avoid potential unrest.”

Representative Kolubah also stated that the “NO GO ZONE” enforcement for motorcyclists was abrupt and caught many riders off guard, as they have not had adequate time to obtain the needed documents including insurance and registration.

According to some observers, in an apparent attempt to enhance public trust over what other commentators, via social media platforms, referred to as ‘poor decision’ taken last week to ease the ‘no-go-zone’ restrictions previously emphasized by authorities of the Liberia National Police, commercial motorcyclists were shocked Wednesday morning, May 15,2024, when police blocked every entry into the City of Monrovia, the Nation’s Capital, enforcing the ‘no-go-zone’ restrictions.

The new measures require motorcyclists and tricyclists plying the main streets to obtain full registration, insurance from the Central Government, through the Ministry of Transport, rider license, two helmets for rider and passenger, as well as reflective jackets and safety boots.

The lack of all of these requirements resulted to several motorcyclists and tricyclists in non-compliance having their motorbikes or tricycles impounded by the LNP in various locations.

Recently, authorities of the LNP and the Motorcyclists and Tricyclists Union of Liberia agreed not to allow motorcycles and tricycles ply the main streets of Monrovia.

The LNP’s latest decision in the implementation of the ‘no-go-zone’ Wednesday rendered thousands of travelers including students, workers, marketers and other professionals across Monrovia and its environs faced with challenges in reaching their various destinations.

The situation also caused many people to walk long distances and stand at different road intersections for hours without getting commercial motorcycles and tricyclists which they heavily rely on as a convenient means for quick transportation to their destinations.

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