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He’s Getting A Lot Done’ -Boakai’s 100 Days As President

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MONROVIA: With Liberia lagging behind among the comity of nations, enduring crushing economic growth and years of political controversy, it is a difficult time to become a president.
One figure who appears to glide effortlessly above the mire, however, is Joseph Nyuma Boakai, who was unexpectedly brought back to the political front line in November as President. He marked 100 days in the office last week and had by all accounts loved every minute.
The Presidential office appeared to love him. Despite his considerable political baggage, critics have said that the prevailing view in the opposition community is that having Boakai at the helm has been shot in the arm for checks and balance.
Officials seem impressed by their energy and work ethics. Diplomats say that they are natural mediators who know how to interact with foreign dignitaries.

Boakai, a member of the House of Elders, has no constituency to worry about, nor does he have to hurry for the next elections. In addition, being former vice president lends him stature and opens doors, his supporters say.
“He is getting a lot done,” one diplomat in Monrovia concluded.
Unusually, Boakai seems to have been given a license to set the Liberian development policy, while Vice President Jeremiah Koung focuses on domestic issues ahead of the general election. One civil servant who worked with the UP administration said that Boakai was the right man for the job.
This is more apparent than the conflict in the first 100 days. Boakai created headlines by declaring that his government was prepared to make every road pliable before the rainy season.
The government repeatedly denied any suggestion of failure to deliver its 100 days commitment.
“Developing and implementing a 100-Day Action Plan amid the multi-sectoral challenges we inherited is a daunting task,” said Boima S. Kamara, who is the finance minister in the government.
“It could only be possible with a steady and credible leadership of the kind that President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr., has been demonstrated over the last 100 days. His unwavering commitment to driving positive change in our country has been truly inspiring and impressive,” The Finance and Development Planning Minister pointed out.

Some believe that the Boakai-led administration has tackled a robust plan, with 107 deliverables spanning multiple sectors since taking office.

“Of these, 11 constituting 10% are completed, 45 constituting 42% are in progress, and 51 constituting 48% remain unrated due to the lack of available information,” NAYMOTE report said, “signaling the need for proactive measures to fulfill commitments to the Liberian populace.”

One hundred days aside, Boakai’s main focus has been attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Liberia. He travelled to America this month and made powerful speeches about the need to invest in Liberia’s resources.
Boakai tacked the issue in his first 100 days message, stressing the government line. “I am pleased that, during our first 100 days in office, we were able and continue to make significant strides in ensuring that most of the critical spots along the major road corridors have been stabilized to facilitate ease of transportation.”

Senior officials say that the president has handled the issue delicately.

“The Government appropriated US$23,488,543 for the successful implementation of the plan,” the government’s 100-day assessment report said.

“The recalling and resubmission of the FY2024 National Budget delayed the implementation of key 100-Day deliverables. The total number of interventions in the 100-Day Action Plan is 87,” he stressed.
Boakai’s reception and approach to US investors as a priority place, according to the government’s foreign policy strategy will be the next test. During his first three months, he traveled to America, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and several other local communities across the country.
“Liberia is back for business,” he triumphantly told a US investment gathering in Dallas Texas.
See attached the Gov’t 100-day assessment report on page #

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