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Amid Challenges: Transport Ministry Bags US$4.3m …Outlines Other Gains In First Quarter of 2024

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By T.R Dixon

MONROVIA: Deputy Transport Minister for Administration and Insurance, Archibald S. Abban, has disclosed that the current leadership of the ministry inherited an institution that was engulfed with malfunction and mismanagement of its human resource system.

According to the Deputy Minister, the Transport Ministry was also engulfed with payroll fraud, insufficient logistics and office tools, unaccountability.

He also named unavailability of internet connectivity, as part of the challenges.

Speaking over the weekend at the ministry, Deputy Minister Abban also said, the current administration inherited a ministry that was also engulfed with underutilization of professionals and unconducive work environment.

coupled with two major fire disasters that severely affected the operation arm of the ministry that houses their automation system for vehicle registration and Drivers licensing processes.

He asserted that within 100 days in office at the Transport Ministry, the leadership prioritized human resource management and payroll verification that would inform their decision to increase incentives for staffs, rolling out of human Resource policy manual and a comprehensive financial policy manual.

Deputy Minister Abban also said the new administrative team has successfully restored basic services in the vehicle registration and the issuance of driver’s licenses as well as enforcing the third-party insurance requirements.

“As we all are award, the Ministry has experienced two fire disasters that left the motor vernicles and drivers licenses sections including the offices of the Assistant and Deputy Ministers for land and rail transport in very deplorable conditions,” he said.

He indicated that they (old management team members) had two access control mechanisms and that only authorized personnel had access to Billing and the license plates production Room over the years, while revenue instruments were left vulnerable.

He noted that, the access control mechanism is intended to curtail theft of revenue instruments and protect sensitive data.

He stressed that, despite of the prevailing constraints and challenges, the new team at the Transport Ministry has diligently worked to achieve remarkable milestone.

He noted revenue generation through vehicle registration, driver ‘certification and enforcement license eligibility for third party insurance requirement has now reached about US$4.3M in the first quarter of this year.

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