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Amb. GANG Applauds Liberia-Cameroon Relations… Says Liberia’s Unification Day Celebration Inspires Cameroon’s 20 May National Day; Advances Several Recommendations

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MONROVIA: Mr. BENG’ YELA AUGUSTINE GANG, Ambassador of the Republic of CAMEROON to the Republic of Liberia has disclosed that \Cameroon’s 20 May National Day is, by happy coincidence, preceded and inspired by Liberia’s National Unification Day, 14, May.

Ambassador GANG pointed out that Cameroon, like Liberia, may not be a purveyor of direct monetary development assistance, but friendships have never been exclusively anchored on bank accounts.

Speaking at 20 May: NATIONAL UNITY DAY of the Republic of Cameroon (52nd Annivesary-2024), Ambassador GANG indicated that friendship is indeed, first and foremost in the heart and in the willingness to stand by each other.

“And that is where Cameroon stands in an Africa of unstoppable quests for dignity and respect,” the top Cameroonian diplomat emphasized.

According to the Cameroonian Ambassador, “since the INDEPENDENCE of CAMEROON in 1960, our deep enduring friendship with Liberia has been based on a mutual willingness to collaborate in a world of unhealthy rivalries and to train each other’s youth.”

“Re- dynamization of our relations is desired by both Presidents Joseph Nyuma BOAKAI and Paul BIYA. Under the management of Foreign Ministers Madam Sara BEYSOLOW NYANTI and Mr. MBELLA MBELLA, our excellent historic ties must procure more dividends for our restless youth. We must, therefore, be more consistent and strategic in such areas as agriculture and animal breeding, in adapted, transposable education (both bilingual and vocational-considering our geo-linguistic locations), in diplomacy, in health, in training managers of decentralization, in reinforcing the professional capacity of our translators and interpreters, in mining, in sports and professional sports trainers (for our schools and colleges), in cinematography or in the production of cultural audio-visual documentation etc,” the Cameroonian Ambassador indicated.

He emphasized that “increased travel to Cameroon by Liberian citizens and officials and a stronger diplomatic presence in our capitals would help highlight and fructify advantages from added value in the domains just cited.”

“It may be noted that Cameroon’s introduction, since 2023, of its e-passport and e-visa systems has greatly reduced hassle for travelers,” Ambassador GANG pointed out.

The senior diplomat emphasized that Cameroon and Liberia are great countries.

“We must not undervalue our strengths and potentials. We have much in common. Working sincerely and proudly together-side by side- “we will o’er all prevail”. We will advance our true, self-defined priorities-be it in the areas of health, home-grown and inclusive economic progress, good governance and human rights, peace, security, industrialization, or informatics…And, we shall achieve this with assured, better and more autonomous outcomes,” he stressed.

Quoting an astute Liberian senior government official, the Cameroon Ambassador asserted that “common problems in common areas, require common solutions.”

The Ambassador reiterated his invitation of May 2023, for sporting youth to join competitors from 10 other countries, in the annual adventure called The Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

He disclosed that the next edition in Buea-South West Region of Cameroon shall be in February 2025.

“It is not necessarily the symbolic first prize of approximately US$20,000 (in either the girls’ or boys’ category), which is the attraction,” THE Envoy clarified.

He explained that “there is also the joy of joining in a grueling climb to the top of the rugged, volcanic mountain of 4.095 metres -the highest peak in West and Central Africa-standing majestically over the Bight of Biafa-a point of sad departures in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.”

Ambassador GANG: “The annual arduous climb to the top of the Mount Cameroon brings out the daring spirit of our indomitable Lions. It is to such a fraternal climb, in all worthy domains, that we invite our brothers of Liberia and the Mano River Union. Who knows, away from beaten paths, you may discover a piece of Cameroon art, music, historic or sociological rapprochement or …cuisine.”

At the May 20 National Unity Day program in Monrovia, one of Cameroon’s characteristic vegetable dishes, the “Bitter Leaf,” (scientific name, Vernonia amygdlina), was cooked the Cameroon way as ‘Ndole’.

Quoting Cameroon’s Minister of Tourism, Ambassador GANG disclosed that 2024 has been declared the “YEAR OF NDOLE.”

“This prime and referential national dish has also been patented by Cameroon at the World International Property Organization (WIPO),” he said.

According to the top diplomat, some Ndole faithful’s swear that it has medicinal side value and that it may procure good things for your digestion. Ndole is accompanied with either yams, bobolo, plantains, or rice….


He narrated that “traditionally, a solemn torchlight procession is organized across Yaunde on the eve of 20 May. A grandiose military and civilian parade then follows in the morning in the morning of 20 May, at the 20 May Boulevard before a massively attended evening cocktail hosted by the Presidential couple at Unity Palace.

“Twentieth May activities in all the 58th administrative Divisions of Cameroon reflect this same pattern. They emphasized our common destiny and invite our citizens to patriotic sharing,” further explained.

Ambassador GANG commended the “Cameroonian Government, our patriotic citizens as well as the valiant Defense Forces for their collaborative recourse to measure military might and to patient, open dialogue that has helped reverse the dark forces, which in the South West-North West Regions as well as the Sahelian Far North Region of Cameroon, “had to some degree, tainted the legendary reputation of Cameroon as a haven of peace in our sub-region.”
“Today, through the firm stand, the open dialogue, and amnesty impelled by President BIYA-our Beggar for peace, the unpatriotic militias are increasingly isolated, and denounced by their neighbors,” he stressed.

According to the Ambassador, “In the resultant more serene climate, key infrastructural projects have been launched and, above all several students, who were brazenly and militarily frightened by armed bands, away from their basic right to quality education have been emboldened to return to their classrooms.

“ This is a key victory. After all, the adequate training of Youth for the future is a prime raison de’etre of the state,” Ambassador GANG pointed out.

On behalf of the Cameroonian Government, Ambassador GANG expressed sincere thanks to “foreign friends across Europe, Africa, and the Americas who have ended any tolerance which may have appeared collusive and may have given terroristic semblance of immunity and comfort to wreak havoc in Cameroon via bellicose propaganda, justification of terrorism and arms trafficking into Cameroon.”

“May such change of heart be emulated by other world leaders,” the Ambassador declared.

“A simplistic, unidirectional reading must not given to the flow of terrorism and national destabilization,” he added.

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