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For Liberian Returnees: LPRC Donates Mobile Phones To LRRRC

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By: Linda Gbartie

MONROVIA: The Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), has donated 500 pieces of mobile phones to the Liberia Refugees Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC).

The donated mobile phones to LRRRC are intended to be distributed to Liberian returnees from Republic of Ghana.

The phones were given to LRRRC at a formal turnover ceremony held on Thursday, May 23, 2024, at LRRRC Offices in Monrovia.

Turning the communication items over, the Deputy Managing Director of LPRC, disclosed that the administration of LPRC received a communication from LRRRC, requesting it them to purchase several items for the Liberian returning from Ghana who have spent so many years out of the country and have decided to come back home, which process is done by LRRRC.

Mr. said they thought it wise to get the mobile phones as requested by LRRRC.

According to him, LRRRC requested for 1500 pieces of mobile phones but the Managing Director of LPRC, Mr. Amos Tweh, said the LPRC is faced with some financial constraints, so it decided to get 500 pieces of mobile phones for the Liberian returnees.

He highlighted that the Management of LPRC swiftly provided the phones in order to meet deadline since the returnees are already on their way to Liberia and to enable LRRRC meet and give them their phones.

Mr. added that the mobile phones will allow Liberians to communicate with their brothers and sisters who are here.

“So, on behalf of the Managing Director, Amos Tweh, and the people of LPRC, we have come to donate 500 pieces of mobile phones to LRRRC for those who are being repatriated by LRRRC to Liberia,” he said.

The LPRC Deputy Managing Director also mentioned that the donation is their own way of identifying with the community which is part of LPRC’s corporate and social responsibility.

“We are pleased to present these mobile phones to you to serve as contact with our people and to enable them communicate with their relatives and families who are here in Liberia,” he stated.

For his part, the Deputy Director for Administration of LRRRC, Mr. A. J. Alma Kanneh, receiving the mobile phones from LPRC extended thanks and appreciation to LPRC Managing Director and his able staffs for their timely intervention.

Mr. Kanneh believes that the donation made by LPRC is in line with its social and corporate responsibility.

He appreciated the cordiality that continues to exist amongst them as government entities.

He assured LPRC that the phones will be given to the people and they will make sure that it be done in the best way that will enable them reconnect with their families here.

“We thanked you and hope we continue to help each other,” he noted.

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