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Work Or Step Aside! …Boakai Warns Officials; Says “Failure Not an Option”

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By: Patrick Cooper

MONROVIA: President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has warned officials of his government that “failure is not an option” for the Government’s flagship national development agenda, styled: “ARREST.”

Speaking during his opening remarks at the first cabinet retreat on Thursday, May 23, 2024, at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, Monrovia, the Liberian leader encouraged his officials to serve as catalysts for change, and visionaries who inspire others.

Pres. Boakai: “For me and the ARREST Agenda, failure is not an option. So, as a part of the team, you must play your role, live up to the expectations of your job, or step aside. This train is moving, and moving fast. Either you are on board, or you are left behind.”

The Liberian leader challenged cabinet members and other officials of government to work together in harmony and unity, and to strive towards a common goal for the development and prosperity of the country.

“Let us not rest until we have unlocked the full potential of our nation; until we have brought about a transformation that will be felt for generations to come,” Pres. Boakai noted.

President Boakai indicated that with the focus on the objectives and outcomes of the retreat, he is confident that his team will come from the retreat stronger, and more equipped to fulfill their duties to the people they serve.

According to him, with unity, the administration can achieve greatness; shape the future of the country and make a difference.

“Let us rise to the challenge and work tirelessly towards the development of our nation,” he said.
He admonished the officials to in the next three days, hold truth to the collective oath to work for the Liberian people and not ending this retreat without the best outcomes for the good of the country.

Speaking under the theme of the three (3) days retreat: “Coordination and Performance: Delivering on National Agenda Priorities,” underpins a pivotal moment of shift, following the first 100 days of office, President Boakai indicated that while it is a privilege to serve, the responsibility that comes with service must also, and always, remind officials of government including himself, of the crucial duty to perform and deliver on the priorities to improve the livelihood of the citizens and promote the common good.

Pres. Boakai: “I would like to take this moment to thank members of the Cabinet, officials, and staffs of the various Ministries, Agencies, and Commissions (MACs) for working hard to substantially deliver on our 100-Day Action Plan, despite the short window and limited funding.”

According to the Liberian leader, his leadership has come to usher in the transformative change Liberians have long yearned for, and that officials of government must continue to demonstrate to the average Liberian that the mission to rescue him/ her is no fluke but a deliberate move to set a new path for development; one that will improve livelihoods and bring about much-needed dignity lost over the years.
“As we reflect on the responsibility entrusted to us by the Liberian people, let us reaffirm our commitment to serve with diligence, integrity, and unwavering dedication,” he continued.

The Liberian leader opined that his administration`s capacity as a government does not lie in how officials wear their titles on their sleeves and exert power but instead, it is demonstrated in how officials selflessly serve as a unit, bearing in mind that the work they do today and the foundation laid, will not just address current needs but guarantee a better future for the next generation.

According to the Liberian leader, the expectations of citizens are at an all-time high and that to deliver on those hopes; his leadership must do things differently and with a renewed sense of patriotism and determination to deliver on their promises.

Pres. Boakai “We must take this moment as talented members of a team to engage in thoughtful, constructive, and open conversation. We should exchange ideas, and plan on how best to address the economic and social challenges confronting our country.”
“Today, I remind you of the challenge I made to you during your commissioning. It is no longer business as usual,” he emphasized.

President Boakai noted that it is a demand for hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the development of the country and that it is no secret that the fate of a nation lies in the hands of its leaders.

He noted although it is his picture that is plastered in papers when the Government is scolded, he wants officials know that it is up to them to pave the way for a brighter future for the citizens.

The Liberian leader mentioned that it is challenging times where the global landscape is constantly evolving, and the demands placed upon them as officials are greater than ever before, admonishing his cabinet to rise to the occasion and tackle these challenges head-on, with a sense of purpose and determination.

According to President Boakai, in this globalized world and the age of technological advancement, Liberia must be seen competing and not to be satisfied as a nation at the mercy of others or be relegated to the lowest rungs of the development ladder.

“We must set high standards for ourselves and advance the cause to change our country for good,” he asserted.

Boakai maintained that officials of government must now be willing to push themselves beyond their limits, think outside the box, and implement bold and innovative solutions to the problems that plague the society.

He noted that his cabinet cannot afford to sit back and watch, while other nation’s soar ahead, noting that it is time to harness collective talents, intelligence, and resources, and propel the country towards greatness.

“Let us not be swayed by greed, corruption, or self-interest, but rather let us be guided by a sense of duty and responsibility to our citizens,” Pres. Boakai admonished his cabinet.

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