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50 Rice Containers Coming… At Least 1080 Metric Tons Arrive Soon

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MONROVIA: Amidst the apparent hike in the price of rice on the local market, a prominent Liberian businessman, Saah Young, has vowed to help bring relief to the public by importing 50 containers of rice next month.

This pledge comes shortly after Young received a Certificate of Honor from Nation Media Incorporated, which recognized him as the “most influential Businessman of the First Quarter of 2024.”

Mr. Young expressed his empathy for the struggles faced by Liberians due to the hike in rice price in the country.

“I feel the pains of the Liberian people,” he stated, emphasizing his commitment to addressing the crisis.

Young asserted that he is committed to selling imported rice below US$17 per bag, a significant effort to combat what he describes as exploitation by some foreign merchants who have driven up prices.

“Foreigners are exploiting the Liberian people on the price of rice,” he asserted.
Rice is a staple food in Liberia, and the recent price hike has led to widespread concern among citizens.

It has intensified worries, prompting calls for immediate action by the Government of Liberia to stabilize the market.

Young Kingsley, who is a major supplier of onions, Irish potatoes, and sardines has committed to tackling the challenges in the local rice market.

He has vowed to battle the current market price and support efforts to ensure a steady supply of rice on the market at a ‘reasonable price.’

Young revealed that his plan to import rice dates back to the erstwhile administration of former President George Manneh Weah.

However, he indicated that a former official at the Commerce Ministry denied him permission, accusing the former official of hindering the growth of Liberian-owned businesses.

He said the 1080 metric ton which will soon arrive in the country, mark the beginning of his efforts to import more rice.

As the rice crisis continues to strain the Liberian populace, Young’s initiative is seen by many ordinary citizens as a beacon of hope. His commitment to importing affordable rice is expected to provide much-needed relief and stabilize prices in the market, alleviating the economic burden on many families.

Saah Young, known for his humanitarian gestures to the community, committed himself to continuing these efforts.

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