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Criminals Invade Senate… Loot Several Offices

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By Elbie Sebleh

MONROVIA: In a shocking turn of events, multiple Senate offices, including that of Gbapolu County Senator, Amara Mohammed Konneh, were burglarized over the weekend, raising serious concerns about the safety of public officials and sensitive documents.

In a post through his official Facebook page, Senator Konneh on Monday, May 29,2024, stated that the burglars reportedly entered through back windows, ransacked offices, and made off with crucial documents related to the MedTech investigation, compensation logs, and office petty cash.

The incident has sparked public outrage and calls for increased security measures to protect lawmakers, staff, and public records.

According to Senator Konneh, the senate Pro Tempore Nyonblee K. Lawrence has initiated an investigation into the matter, aiming to uncover the perpetrators and prevent future breaches.

He further stated that the stealing of the investigative documents linked to MedTech and CTM has further fueled ongoing inquiries into potential corruption and money laundering surrounding the government’s contract with MedTech.

Senator Konneh stressed that the Senate’s commitment to transparency and accountability in scrutinizing such contracts is paramount to upholding integrity in governmental affairs.

He noted that as the investigation unfolds, the focus remains on safeguarding public offices and records to prevent similar incidents and ensure the safety of officials and the sanctity of sensitive information.

The former government under George M. Weah signed a 10-year contract with MedTech in July 2021 to conduct Destination Inspection of containers and to provide Verification of Conformity services at the Freeport of Monrovia.

The company replaces BIVAC whose contract with the government expired in July 2021.

But, a probe was launched by the Senate to also establish whether or not political corruption and potential money laundering led to the signing of the contract between MedTech and the Liberian government.

Med Tech Sentific Limited is an investor and service provider to governments and corporations in tracking and monitoring, destination inspection, verification of conformity, testing and certification services.

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