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By: Linda Gbartie

MONROVIA: The National Identification Registry (NIR) and the Civil Service Agency (CSA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance collaboration to improve service delivery in the public sector.
This memorandum also provides that civil servants working ID cards will now carry their National Identification Number (NIN), so that unique identification number becomes their social security number by which they can quickly and easily be linked to the National Biometric Identification System (NBIS).
Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Executive Director for NIR Andrew Peters explained that it is their hope that with this first gradually, an individual will have only his National ID number attached to all documents, including driver’s license, passports, social security ID, banking IDs, instead of one individual having multiple ID numbers for every transaction or document.

He added that to operate the National Biometric Identification Registry, designing and producing National ID cards with unique identifiers for every citizen and legal foreign residents, the NIR is to advise and assist the Government of Liberia and it’s agencies in improving, strengthening collection, storage, evaluation and security of information and documents collected to register births, issue passports, and other identification documents.
According to him, few weeks ago, they launched the roadmap for the Comprehensive Enrollment of Citizens and Legal Foreign Residents into the NBIS, the outcome of serious deliberations and brainstorming sessions.
He intoned that the roadmap outlines the interoperation capability of the NBIS which is a verification platform to authenticate card holders; and Application Program Interface (API) to link system of other institutions in order to meet up with the requirements.

“One of the challenges that we are faced with, is for government ministries, agencies, commissions and private institutions to make use of the National ID card. Various institutions can have their biometric systems for other operational purposes but what we are saying is that the NIR data centre should be used as the foundation for all biometric data to authenticate card holders,” he said.
NIR boss continued that it will help save money and time, and prevent fraud, duplications, and double dipping, because their system can perform both individual and batch verification seamlessly.
Executive Director Peters emphasized that few years ago, the NIR was involved in a tripartite relationship with the MFDP and the CSA in helping to clean the GOL payroll.
“I am glad that after the launch of the Roadmap when we once more explain the benefits of using the National Biometric Identification System (NBIS), it’s e-verification platform and interoperability capabilities, we are here to sign a MOU by which the NIR and the CSA will work together, using NBIS to help in the CSA/GOL employees’ verification head count process,” he said.
Executive Director Peters however appreciated the Director General of the CSA for grasping the true meaning for the NIR and taking this bold decision to use their verification platforms and the subsequent development of an API that links the NBIS to help enhance the work of the CSA.
He also encouraged all of their colleagues in the public and private sectors to follow the example of the CSA to make use of the NBIS to save the institutions cash and time that can be allocated to other developmental projects and programs and help move the country forward.
For his part, the Director General for CSA, Josiah Joekai, applauded the NIR for signing the MOU to assist the CSA in its ongoing efforts to verify all of their employees in making sure that they have National Identification Numbers (NIN), so that unique identification number becomes their social security number.

He also thanked all of their donors and partners that contributed to the enforcement of the MOU.

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