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Rep. Flomo Warns Against Misinformation; Urges Responsible Journalism to Foster Unity in Nimba

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GANTA/NIMBA CO.: Nimba County District Two lawmaker and a prominent figure in Liberia’s community radio movement, Rep. Nya Flomo, has called on journalists to avoid practices that foster division and to promote responsible journalism to maintain unity in the country.
Speaking about recent media conduct, Rep. Flomo criticized the trend of lengthy radio discussions where journalists discuss leaders for up to 45 minutes without providing them or their representatives a chance to respond.

He warned that such practices could undermine the role of community radio in promoting peace and reconciliation.
Rep. Flomo recounted a recent incident where false information was broadcast on Voice of Gompa about a supposed $15,000 payment to Hon. Samuel Brown, which he knew to be untrue.
He emphasized the dangers of spreading false information and its potential to undermine leadership and public trust.
Addressing the issue of tribalism, Rep. Flomo praised the people of District One for electing Samuel Brown as their representative, highlighting their ability to rise above tribal lines. He urged this spirit to be mirrored across Nimba County and Liberia to ensure the election of the best candidates based on merit, not tribal affiliation.
Rep. Flomo also spoke on the recent conflict involving ArcelorMittal, criticizing the premature judgments made on the radio by some citizens without understanding the behind-the-scenes efforts of the Nimba legislative caucus.
He highlighted the importance of seeking dialogue and settling issues with ArcelorMittal, a key investor in Liberia, to ensure the company’s continued contributions to the country’s development.
According to him, in as much as the need exists for the company to do more for the host communities, the people of Liberian must encourage constructive dialogue and resolve their issues peacefully.
He warned citizens against reverting to past conflicts fueled by misinformation and premature judgment, calling for unity and internal resolution of differences within the Nimba legislative caucus.
The Nimba District #2 lawmakers stressed that constructive dialogue and understanding are crucial in resolving conflicts and maintaining a positive relationship with ArcelorMittal.
Flomo emphasized that “Citizens Appreciation Program” organized by Representative Samuel Brown to acknowledge the support he received from his constituents in the 2023 elections. The event underscored the importance of community engagement and the positive impact of responsible media in promoting unity and development.
Source: P. Uriah Suah

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