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For Elevating Women In Government: Pro Temp Karnga Lawrence Hails Boakai …Presents Five (5) Years Strategic Plans For The Women Legislative Caucus

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By: Patrick Cooper

MONROVIA: The President Pro-Tempore Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence has commended President Boakai for elevating women into national government.

Speaking Wednesday, May 30, 2024, during the lunch of the women legislative caucus five (5) years strategic plans, pro-term Karnga Lawrence expressed her excitement that president Joseph Nyuma Boakai has beaten the record as the president who has elevated and included many women in government.

She disclosed that recent analysis shows that sixty-two (62) women which is (24%) of key positions have been filled by women, while men occupy two hundred, one (201) positions which is also (76%) out of the 263 nominations made by the Boakai-Koung administration,” something she thanked the President for and which for more opportunities for women and girls across the country.

Presenting a five years strategic plan to the President, the First Lady, the speaker and members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Ministry of Gender and to also local and international partners, Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence noted that the strategic plan which was also lunched yesterday, was organized in five (5) different sections which include introduction, background of the WLC, guiding principles, pillars of the plan which include three strategic and one operational objective, and the monitoring and evaluation framework, and the pathway to change.

She further encouraged partnership and support in cash or kind to accomplish the ambitious but yet incredibly important objectives.

According to her, the WLC is looking forward to strengthening members legislative functions, oversight functions, representational function and promote women’s participation in politics, public leadership and elections.

“We also want to institutionalize the Women Legislative Caucus, and strengthen the operations and sustainability of the WLC secretariat,” she continued.

Pro-tempore Karnga Lawrence indicated that based on the excellent and rewarding vision of the women legislative caucus and with the support of the many local and international partners; women continue to get elected to key positions in government.

She noted that in addition to the election of the first female president of Liberia and Africa, the WLC has produced the first female vice president, first female elected President pro-tempore, and heads of various county legislative caucuses with women heading very important committees in the legislature.

The administrative head of the Senate revealed that in 2023 the women legislative caucus had a strategic plan to ensure that all of the women legislators were re-elected but unfortunately that was not achieved noting that a few of them were defeated but the membership of the caucus was maintained by the same number, eleven (11).

According to her, as a result of her continuous advocacy to increase women participation, she was able to work with the women legislative caucus and the UN women right after the 2023 presidential and Legislative elections to ensure that women were vetted for recommendations for employment in the government.
Madam Lawrence noted that she looks forward to ensuing that women who have the records of being the best leaders get to a 50/50 participation record in Liberia, walking side-by-side with the men.

She used the time to appreciate all partners including, the UN Women, UNDP, European Union, and the Governments of Sweden and Ireland for being a part of this milestone event, and that the WLC is extremely grateful for such support to achieving this objective.

“Over the years, we have accomplished a lot through effective networking, and we look forward to a very rewarding partnership,” she asserted.

The women legislative caucus was formed in 2006 by women legislators of the 52nd National Legislature with a purpose of defining and promoting a common agenda for gender equality, irrespective of political affiliation, religion, ethnic background or other persuasions.

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