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Around a Table: ACOW Seeks Meeting For Boakai, Weah, Others… Pushes For Nat’l Unity

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MONROVIA: The General Overseer and Senior Pastor of the African Church of the World (ACOW) has called for a meeting involving incumbent President Joseph N. Boakai, former President George M. Weah, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and former Vice President, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor to meet around a table. The meeting is in support of national unity, reconciliation and peace in Liberia.

The Church seeks to bring the current and former Liberian leaders together aimed at strengthening peace and understanding between and among the national leaders and enhance national reconciliation and healing.

The meeting, proposed by the General Overseer and Senior Pastor of the Independent Grassroots Churches of Liberia is also aimed establishing an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation among these prominent national leaders and to put into place what the organizers call a “statement for peace-building and consolidation” in the best interest of the Liberian Nation.

One of the Chief Organizers of the meeting, Pastor Kafa B. Teah, of ACOW, speaking in an interview with this paper over the weekend in Monrovia said, in recent months, it was noticed by the church the current level of political interplay among Liberian politicians, particularly, the Nation’s leading political actors is not only undermining national peace and security, but also leaves much to be desired.

The ACOW General Overseer asserted that during the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections in Liberia, key national leaders were divided and supported various political groups in the country.

He noted that, there is a need to bring together these great leaders of our times to sit face-to-face and talk matters of national concern.

According to him, the church believes it is time to bring these great national leaders to the Round Table meeting to rally national loyalty above personal ambition.

Pastor Teah added that, Liberia first, with determination to protect its peace and uphold human dignity, ACOW wants want media institutions, tribal groups, political parties, religious centers and the public to see the need to promote the pending national undertaken.

He pointed out that, in other for Liberians to celebrate the result of this meeting, the office of President Joseph N. Boakai should stand with the Church Leaders by supporting the meeting.

According to him, church leaders believe that meeting will provide the best ways bettering the lives of the Liberian citizens and enhance national development.

“Let it be noted that Liberia should not be allowed to remain divided, and broken-down, therefore; it is about time to rally around one another to maintain peace and safeguard the protection of all,” he stressed.

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