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Criminals At Work… MOT Alarms Over Issuance of “Fake Insurance Documents” To Vehicles, Others

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MONROVIA: The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has issued serious warning against what it calls “the issuance of “fake insurance documents” to owners and operators of vehicles, motor bikes and tricycles in the country.

Transport Minister, Mr. Sirleaf R. Tyler, in a press conference held at the Transport Ministry on Thursday, June 6, 2024, cautions those who are involved in such unlawful and criminal acts to immediately desist.

He cautioned owners and operators of vehicles and motor bikes as well as tricycles to obtain legitimate issuance documents from the insurance companies that the Government of Liberia (GOL), through the Ministry of Transport (MOT), does business with.

According to Minister Tyler, “there are 14 duly registered and licensed insurance companies operating in the country.”

The Transport Minister disclosed that there are individuals and groups who have the habit of issuing fake insurance documents to owners and operators of vehicles, motor bikes and tricycles, purporting to be employees of the Ministry of Transport.

“I stand before you to address and clarify recent unfounded rumors and misinformation circulating about the Ministry of Transport’s involvement in the processing of insurance documents to commercial motorbikes,” he said.

According to Minister Tyler, the Ministry of Transport is not, and has never been in the business of processing of insurance documents to commercial motorbikes or any owners of vehicles.

He noted that such “baseless allegations undermine the integrity and purpose of the MTO.”

The Transport Minister indicated that, in light of this remorse, the MOT leadership has taken “decisive action.”

He further narrated that MOT has issue directive to all insurance companies to recall their agents within and around the facilitates of the Ministry of Transport.

He said the measure is to ensure that there is no confusion about the roles and responsivities of the Ministry of Transport because the Ministry does not, and will not facilitate any insurance processes.

He said such undertaken “remains in the domain of licensed insurance companies.”

“Moreover, we are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the alleged involvement of people who are purported themselves as Transport Ministry employees and are involved with illegal activities related faking insurance documents,” Minister Tyler stressed.

The Minister threatened that, if any Transport Ministry employees or employee is caught in illegal activities related to faking insurance documents, they will face the full consequences as requires by the civil Servant standing order.

“We are committed to upholding highest standing of integrity and accountability within our organization,” he said.

The Transport Minister added that the primary goals of the MOT is to ensure the safety, stability and transparency of all of its services.

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