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Bea Mountain Regrets Accident

by newsmanager

KINJOR, G/CAPE MOUNT: The Management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (“BMMC”) acknowledges, and expresses deep regret of, a workplace accident which occurred at its New Liberty Mine, on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

However, we have observed with grave concern rumors circulating on various social media platforms regarding the accident. The Management strongly denounces the misinformation that is being published regarding the staff’s experience and training, and especially the steps we took together with the personnel’s family to provide the required emergency and medical care.

Our focus remains to provide the needed support and care for our personnel and his family.

A full-scale internal investigation is underway after which the relevant authorities will be duly informed. Also, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has commenced an independent process to assess the circumstances which led to the accident. Therefore, we respectfully ask all interested parties of concerns to be patient, and remain calm, while we await the outcome of these processes.

With assurance, all actions that may be necessary and required will be duly taken based on the outcomes of the investigations.

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