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SUP Demands Justice For: Walter Sisulu Sivili

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By: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: University of Liberia (UL), campus based Student Unification Party (SUP), has petitioned the 55th Legislature to independently launch an investigation concerning the brutal attack and torture endured by one of its leaders, Christopher Walter Sisulu Sivili, during a protest on July 26, 2022.

The University of Liberia campus based student political movement yesterday petitioned the Lower House of Liberia’s bicameral Legislature to prevail on the Ministry of Justice to expeditiously adjudicate and prosecute all those involved in the brutalization and tortured of student leader Christopher Walter Sisulu Sivili.

SUP described the acts meted out to the student leader and others as gross human rights violations, which were carried out under the erstwhile regime of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), to particularly include the brutality of July 26, 2022, where student leader Christopher W. Sivili was beaten and bedraggled in blood, stripped naked and tortured simply because he had gone to protest against the high cost of living and the harsh economic conditions in the country.

According to the UL student group, on July 26, 2022, a group of student leaders, under the banner of the Student Unification Party assembled on the Hill of Benson Street near the American Embassy in Monrovia, as a converging point to parade Monrovia in protest of the erstwhile government led by CDC.

“We assembled with a clear intent to protest knowing and aware that it is our unalienable rights as citizens of the Republic of Liberia in line with Article 17 of the Liberian Constitution and Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to assemble and protest when we feel that our rights have been trampled upon,” the UL students told House Speaker, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa, on Thursday, June 13, 2024 on Capitol Hill in Monrtovia.

SUP narrated that out of blatant disregard of the Liberian constitution and globally acknowledgeable human right protocols, the then CDC government unleashed brutality, through one of its several paramilitary units in the CDC-COP, on harmless and armless student leaders and patriotic Liberian citizens who had gone to join the students in the nationalistic cause to stand against bad governance.
“This attack led to the horrific eruption of bloodshed which got several students injured and most gruesomely saw the public dehumanization of student leader Christopher W. Sivili, an ideologue of the Student Unification Party,” the student group added.

According to them, the only crime those students and Liberians committed to be brutally attacked was to stand up against wanton corruption, unprecedented administrative ineptitude, secret killings, poverty, destitution, and the debasement of the Liberian people into declaratory economic decadence and feculence.

It has taken almost two years since the occurrence of this terroristic attack on harmless citizens of the Republic of Liberia, of whom were predominantly students and militants of the Student Unification Party, but the victims of this CDC perpetrated atrocity are living with this dehumanizing and injurious scar without justice while the perpetrators are masquerading the corridors and environs of Liberia freely.

Nearly two years since the Fix The Country protest, and six months since the inception of the RESCUE government, the students said discharge of justice is still going through the hurdles of lack of political will even though it was a strong campaign promise by President Joseph Boakai to provide justice for human rights victims.

However, Christopher Walter Sisulu Sivili, who is currently living in exile due to concerns for his safety, told the Voice of America (VOA) in an interview recently that an independent investigation would be the best option to hold accountable perpetrators of the bloody attack and torture.

Sivili expressed frustration that since the incident on July 26, 2022, the government has taken no steps towards prosecuting those who violated his rights.

The video footage of the incident, which circulated on social media, shows individuals involved in the degrading act.

Student leader Sivili emphasized that they continue to act with impunity while he lives in trauma.

“I was abducted, tortured, and humiliated by supporters of the Weah’s government on July 26 last year, and to this day, there has been no progress in the justice system regarding the prosecution of those found guilty Sivili told the VOA in 2023.

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