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Medical Director Praises AML’s Role in “Critical” Relocating of GW Harley Hospital

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NIMBA COUNTY: In a key development for healthcare in Nimba County, the Medical Director for GW Harley Hospital, Dr. Menlee Gboe, has lauded ArcelorMittal Liberia’s substantial support in facilitating the relocation of the hospital.
The GW Harley Hospital is moving from its current congested site in Sanniquellie City to a more suitable location in Sehyikimpa Town, within the Sanniquellie Mahn District area.

This ambitious project is a collaborative effort between the government of Liberia and ArcelorMittal Liberia, aiming to provide enhanced medical facilities and services to the community.
During a site visit, Dr. Gboe expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the construction, describing it as the realization of a long-held dream. He remarked: “I don’t know if you have been at the main GW Harley Hospital in Sanniquellie, but obviously the area is congested.” Built in 1947, the hospital has served as the referral facility for the entire Nimba County.

Over the years, encroachment and urban development have severely limited the hospital’s capacity to expand and improve.

“The land was much at the current and original location, but because of encroachment, the area is jammed up,” Dr. Gboe explained.

A major community road cutting through the hospital compound, along with an adjacent train track, further complicates the situation, making it an unsuitable environment for patient care.
The new location in Sehyikimpa Town offers a quieter, more spacious setting, which is crucial for effective medical treatment and patient recovery.
Dr. Gboe’s enthusiasm for the project was palpable as he praised the ongoing construction efforts saying; “To see such a quiet environment and such a massive work done, I am impressed, and we look forward to the completion so that our people in this part of the country can benefit,”
The new facility promises to alleviate the current space constraints and provide a more conducive environment for both patients and healthcare workers.
“We as health practitioners, when we see improvement coming in the health sector like what we see here, especially the massive level of work that is ongoing, it is obviously something that we have to be proud about,” Dr. Gboe added.
He emphasized the positive impact the new hospital will have on the local population, saying, “I am happy about the level of work done here so far. I think this will serve our people in this part of Liberia.”
The relocation project is an important showcase of private-public partnerships in advancing healthcare infrastructure in Liberia.

Dr. Gboe expressed his gratitude towards ArcelorMittal Liberia, stating, “We are grateful to ArcelorMittal for the work that they are doing in partnership with the government of Liberia to see this facility completed.”
He noted that this collaboration would not only enhance the hospital’s capabilities but also improve the overall healthcare delivery system in the region.
As the construction of the new hospital facility continues, the community eagerly anticipates the improved services and expanded capacity that the new GW Harley Hospital will bring.
The project represents a substantial step forward in addressing the healthcare needs of Nimba County’s residents, ensuring that they have access to better medical care in a more appropriate setting.
Courtesy: Wremongar B. Joe II

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