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Gov’t Probes Salary Misdeeds …Takes Action on National Payroll Cleanup and Consultancy Guidelines

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By Elbie Sebleh

MONROVIA: The Civil Service Agency has called for a thorough investigation into alleged salary processing misconducts by Human Resources Directors and Financial Comptrollers at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Liberia Institute of Public Administration, and the National Center for Coordination Response Mechanism.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) press conference, CSA Director, Josiah Joekai, disclosed that a recent development in Liberia has brought to light serious financial irregularities within government entities.
He explained that it has been revealed that some employees received salaries for months that they did not work, prompting the government’s full support in rectifying these discrepancies.

Furthermore, the Government of Liberia, under the leadership of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has initiated a national effort to cleanse the national Payroll system.

Joekai asserted that the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, in collaboration with the Civil Service Agency, is working on securing the necessary funding for this initiative.

The Public Procurement and Concession Commission has also pledged its support to expedite the procurement process, he added.
At the same time, Director Joekai indicted that in a bid to enhance transparency in consultancy services, the President launched the National Policy Guidelines for Recruiting Independent Consultants and Consultancy Firms in the Public Service.

According to him, the Civil Service Agency has been actively engaging in the selection process, with a total of 180 applications received. After a rigorous evaluation, 69 individuals and 3 firms have been accepted to provide consultancy services.

The next steps involve finalizing contracts between the selected consultants, Spending Entities, and the Civil Service Agency. This move aims to streamline the consultancy process within the classified Civil Service.

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