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MCC To Pay Employees 7-Month Arrears

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By Elbie Sebleh

MONROVIA: The Monrovia City Mayor, John Charuk Siafa, has assured aggrieved employees of the MCC who are constantly protesting at the building of the Monrovia City Corporation that their 7-month arrears will be paid from now to Friday.

Mayor Siafa assured the aggrieved MCC protestors that all of their legitimate concerns were looked into and we are committed to pay them from now to Friday.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday in Central Monrovia, Mayor Siafa disclosed that about 281 workers of the MCC were wrongly classified by the previous government as “consultants.”

He explained that “consultants are not people who are in the street sweeping.”

The mayor further narrated that when the Unity Party-led government took over, there were contemporary holds on consultancies and the hiring of consultants automatically on the Government of Liberia (GOL) payroll.

According to him, salaries were suspended because MCC workers were wrongly classified not by his administration, rather its predecessor.

Siafa explained that since he took over of the MCC as Mayor, salaries have been held by the government due to the clearing and cleaning of the Government’s payroll.

He asserted that he has been engaging the Civil Service Agency for an amicable solution to the problems of the employees.

Few days ago, the aggrieved workers of MCC set roadblocks along the UN DRIVE in Monrovia, claiming that the government of President Joseph Boakai has not paid them since February, 2024.

The aggrieved MCC workers announced that their protest would go on for a month and they were prepared to die unless they receive their salaries.

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