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Bility Wants Legislature To X-ray Yellow Machines Deal

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MONROVIA: Nimba County District #7 Representative, Musa Hassan Bility, has called on President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to allow the Legislature scrutinize the deal of the yellow machines that has been brought into the country.

Representative Bility made the call on Sunday, July 6, 2024, when he appeared on Spoon Talk, a leading TV program.

Representative Bility contends that President Boakai needs to clearly explain to the Liberian nation how the yellow machines were obtained and brought into the country.

According to him, President Boakai is the Head of the government, and not the government, as such, if he (Bility) writes the Legislature on the yellow machines issue, the communication goes to a specialized committee that will thoroughly review the issue.

“But why they don’t want to let the Legislature to know? This is the only thing I cannot understand. Write the House Speaker and say this is it. But as it stands now, yellow machines are going out, and we don’t know who they are for. Now we are seeing bail of landing with the Ministry of State as the consignee. There have to be some kinds of explanation. There must be explanation as to why or what the machines are for. It will help,” he said.

Lawmaker Bility also indicated that what he suspects are the source of the yellow machines and the funding associated with how they were acquired and subsequently brought to the country are what government does not want to disclose.

“ I don’t think they want to come to the Legislature because they feel the Legislature will say no. I think they don’t want to come to the Legislature because I know about machines. If you bring one machine here and tell me that the cost is two hundred and eighty thousand dollars; The average cost of machine is two hundred and eighty thousand dollars. The cost of front hand loader is around sixty-five thousand dollars; excavator is around one hundred and seventy

-five thousand or two hundred thousand maximum. I have two caterpillar graters. One costs one hundred and seventy-five thousand, I bought them. If you bring those things to me and say it is two three times the price. If you bring a truck and say it is one hundred fifty thousand, I know the truck price is seventy or sixty-five thousand,” he added.

The District #7 Lawmaker believes that President Boakai’s coming to the Legislature to explain the procuring of the machines will bring the whole process to scrutiny and that is what he doesn’t want. But the Legislature never said if he brings yellow machines into the country to fix roads, they will reject them.

“No, the people have said follow the law. I was in a leadership meeting with the President and the Speaker was there and he asked, Mr. President, we are hearing about the yellow machines and we want to know because we want coordination so as to make sure that the processes are followed.

He continued: “My thought on the machine is that it is shameful that the very advocate that were in the media the last time attacking the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) are the same advocate that are defending this and I think that is shameful. I think the more the government waste time to provide explanation on these machines issue the more mockery, and messy it becomes. I think the President needs to come out to give explanation and allow the legislature to scrutinize them and then we can advise the President”.

Bility further mentioned that members of the Legislature feel disrespected and that the government is carrying out something that the Legislature has no part to play in.

“Because if there is document to show that this deal has been done and that there is a loan agreement and the President made commitment to pay somebody in installment that is loan than it is violation of the constitution. If there is a budgetary provision for the President and he has committed it to these machines than he must tell us how he intends to pay the balance. Writes Linda Gbartie

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