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Patients’ Safety At Risk … As E.S. Grant Psychiatry Hospital’s OPD, Pharmacy, At JFK Fast Deteriorate

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MONROVIA: E.S. Grant Psychiatry Hospital’s Out-Patient Department (OPD) and pharmacy at JFK are facing critical issues that hamper their ability to deliver optimal healthcare services.

An assessment report has highlighted several key observations and constraints.

The hospital’s OPD and pharmacy struggle with confined spaces, severely restricting the number of patients they can serve simultaneously and impacting the efficiency of operations.

Inadequate and unprofessional office furnishings are leading to discomfort for both staff and patients.

“This issue potentially affects the quality of service delivery and patient satisfaction, as a conducive environment is essential for effective healthcare provision,” the report observed.

The absence of a designated on-call room for medical staff poses a significant challenge. Without a proper space to rest, staff availability for emergencies is compromised, which can negatively affect patient care quality.

A critical gap in patient care management is the missing pharmacist notes in In-Patient Department (IPD) charts.

This omission can result in a lack of essential information regarding medication management, increasing the risk of medication errors and jeopardizing patient safety.

The hospital’s rough and uneven flooring poses a safety hazard for both patients and staff. This increases the risk of trips and falls, highlighting the need for immediate infrastructure improvements to ensure a safe environment.

These findings, the report said underscore the urgent need for infrastructure upgrades and better resource allocation at E.S. Grant Psychiatry Hospital to improve service delivery and ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff.

The assessment from the Liberia Medical and Dental Council recommended measures to address the problems. “Prioritize enhancing staff training, improving infection control measures, ensuring proper licensing and accreditation, and expanding the physical infrastructure of key departments,” the report added.

The John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC) is Liberia’s leading medical facility, comprising several specialized hospitals including, the Japanese Friendship Hospital, and the E. S. Grant Psychiatric Hospital.

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