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Immigrant Advocate Cries For Help …As He Battles Hepatitis-B

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MONROVIA: Hassan Gasim Jalloh has appealed to humanitarian-organizations and philanthropists in Liberia and beyond to help him seek advanced medical treatment.
Jalloh, an advocate for Dual Citizenship in Liberia, is gradually losing his life.

In 2023, he was diagnosed of Hepatitis B. culminating into bleeding and swollen feet over time.

“I have developed ascites,” said Jalloh, “the doctor said, I need to be taken to Morocco or Europe as quickly as possible.”

Medical research showed that, ‘Ascites is a condition in which fluid collects in spaces within your abdomen. If severe, as in the case of Hassan, ascites may be painful.

“The problem may keep you from moving around comfortably,” the research further reveals.
He started his advocacy speaking with the BBC about the right to citizenship and the alarming struggles which has led to some forms of marginalization in Liberia.

The Right to Citizenship is a fundamental Human right recognized by many international treaties.
Speaking to Varney Dukuly, our international correspondent, Jalloh said, though he feels Liberian but local laws do not recognized him as such.
“That harrowing scene”, Jalloh believes, “is a pinch that should not be taken for granted.”

He had sought to become a voice in his advocacy but Hepatitis B sickness strikes; he ended up marooned on a sick bed crying for help.

“I am asking the general public for help. I am very sick,” said Jalloh, in a voice recording.
Hassan who is currently sick in Guinea has been asked by doctors to seek urgent treatment in Europe or Morocco.
“I am a young man, please help preserve my life,” he said from his sick bed in Guinea.

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